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"Simone Vignola - A Supernova Bass Player"

Simone Vignola is 23-year-old bassist from Italy who won the 1st place in the Euro Bass Day competition in 2006, which was judged by the likes of Matthew Garrison and Jimmy Haslip. Listening to this debut album, Vignola reminded me of two bassists: the first one is Japan’s Kagerou Imazawa. As a solo performer, Imazawa’s style, which uses the loops and ultra skills one after another, is common with Vignola. Vignola also seems to do lots of solo performances on live. This album is cored with his bass over-dub and basically all the instruments are played by himself with only a few exceptions. The other bassist is Mark King from the UK, King is the pop hero, who leads the vocal on pop songs along with his fast slapping bass play in the band Level 42. Simone’s this album is also mainly consisted of pop songs featuring his confident vocal along with the transcendent bass skill. Musically, the songs have strong pop factors like Rock-Dance-Techno than Fusion, which also overlaps to Mark King’s music. However, Vignola is not a mimik of anything but a real material with originality with a different approach to bass and a different musical direction to neither Imazawa or King. He captures fast slapping, tapping and harmonics into his songs naturally. This ability, idea and sense make him the real one and only talent.

Tomita Masayuki “JAZZ LIFE”

- Jazz Life (Japan)

"Going to the Next Level"

Simone’s playing involves technical finesse and his perspective is always interesting. He has a wide range, and his ability to accompany his words with playing all the instruments is extraordinary.

Born in 1987 and starting to play bass at the age of 12, the now 25 year old Simone has honed his skills throughout his late teens. As he came into his early 20’s his chance for a solo career began as he became involved with European Bass Day, and was asked to endorse amplifiers with TC Electronics and also had his signature produced on a range of guitars for M2 Guitars.

Vignola’s playing has a sense of speed and bounce. The tapping in the single “Love Song” makes you conscious of the role of both hands from the beginning, and it is difficult to separate the bass. He plays with sticky, thick, two finger groove bass in some areas and cooks a melodic loop in others, making the album very interesting. A couple of tracks seem to be inspired by French House which he is very bold to mix this way, and it works! He has an unbridled, ensemble, untouchable style. - Bass Magazine (Japan)

"Progressive Rock CD Reviews"

I really like this disc a lot. Simone Vignola is incredibly talented. While this might not fall into a classical definition of progressive rock, certainly it fits under the heading of “music that progresses” and there is enough here that fits under more traditional definitions to make this work. Bass players in particular should check this out (and I’m one of those) because this guy is very talented in terms of that instrument. Of course, the fact that he does just about everything else here is an added bonus. The disc is always listenable and should appeal to a wide range of music fans. - Music Street Journal


Going to the Next Level (Album)
Going to the Next Level (Japan edition)
City Life (Single)
Love Song (Single)



“Multi-instrumentalist Simone Vignola, plays all his instruments with the neat touch of a tightrope walker in what appears to be a test of strength, showing his muscle and enthusiasm for the world and with the ability to reach an international audience” - IL MUCCHIO SELVAGGIO

“Simone Vignola is incredibly talented. Bass players in particular should check this out (and I’m one of those) because this guy is very talented in terms of that instrument. Of course, the fact that he does just about everything else here is an added bonus. The disc is always listenable and should appeal to a wide range of music fans.” - MUSIC STREET JOURNAL (USA)

"It is surprisingly good for his first album! His musical taste is funky, is embellished beautifully and has a major electronic effect. He orchestrates sounds ranging from fusion to pure dance and more.” - IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO

"Those who love and especially those who play the electric bass should not miss this new album by Simone Vignola. His whimsy and ease shows a familiarity with guitar, percussion and electronics, and with only four strings he expresses a technique completely above the ordinary!" - ROCKERILLA

At just 25 years old Vignola can’t be described only as a bassist, songwriter, producer or musician. He is a veritable master on the bass and has designed his current performance with the aid of a simple Loop Station, allowing him to build a full and complete show as a ‘one man band’.
In 2008 he was granted the title of “Best Bass Player in Europe” (in the under 35 category) at Eurobassday in Verona. In 2010 Vignola released his debut solo album “Going To the Next Level” through Dutch label Schoots Records,which was also reissued for the major Japanese label, King Records. The reprint includes a translated booklet and bonus track. This album was released consecutively in Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand.

Vignola has captured the attention of some of the press, with covers and various features and interviews in some of the most important magazines of the genre, such as Bass Musician Magazine (USA - 01/2011), Baixo Natural (BRA - 01/2011 ), Jazz Life (JAP - 04/2011), Bass Magazine (JAP - 05/2011) and Linha de Frente (10/2012). He also reached No.11 in February 2012, on the Japanese HMV Weekly TOP 20 Charts, ranking as one of the best selling records in Japan.

2011 saw Vignola win the title of “Best Italian Looper” at the BOSS Loop Contest at the House of Blues in Milan with his ‘one man band’ experiment called “Live Only Set”. This led to him being asked to perform at NAMM in Los Angeles the same year. In the
same year, Vignola was chosen by booking giant Barley Arts as the opening act for the Italian tour of Level 42, sharing the stage with the British band in Milan (Alcatraz), Bologna (Estragon) and Rome (Atlantico Live).

Vignola was also asked to give a Masterclass at the Amsterdam Conservatory detailing the techniques and applications of live- looping called "The Art of Looping". The latest single "Love Song" has been in rotation on the Brazilian radio station "Linha De Frente" and also the historic radio show "Rock Evolution".

Simone has shared the stage with artists such as Richard Bona, Matthew Garrison, Scott Henderson, Bernard Lackner, Reggie Washington, Billy sheehan, Bobby Vega, Adam Nitti, Scott Kinsey and Shaolin Temple Defender.
2012 has been a big year for Vignola on the local Rome scene too, playing the most important venues such as Atlantico (opening for Gem Boys), Circoli degli Artisti, Contestaccio, Gone and others. In July 2012 he also opened the concert for Italian artist, Caparezza in Giovinazzo (BA).

Simone has been selected by several brands to endorse their products; TC Electronic, Essential Sound Products, Sonuus and Harvest Bags and M2 Guitars of Arezzo has produced a guitar featuring Vignolas signature, (M2 SV Signature Guitars B5).

He is currently working on his second album, “On the Moon” for RBL Music Italia, which will be distributed by Egea Music. “Simone Vignola is a bass virtuoso! He breaks the mold with his combination of traditional sounds and the use of a drum machine.

With his beautiful, deep and delicate voice, Simone knows when to whisper and when to push harder.” - SOUNDMAGAZINE

"A different album that comes close to genres such as dance, house and pop that could easily ruin it, but it stays as solid as when Ulysses was tied to
the tree... a wonderful listen." – ONDALTERNATIVA

"This debut album from Simone Vignola, who wrote, arranged and produced the album and also played most of the instruments, shows him as a kind of prince of his genre. "Going To The Next Level" contains great ideas and covers pop, dance and several facets of modern electronic music.” - ONDAROCK