Simon Flory

Simon Flory

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Rural music written, performed, and recorded by country, rock, bluegrass and jazz musicians with themes anyone can identify with... compared to a melancholy Gram Parsons and also the swing of Joe Ely.


Simon Flory is a mosaic: a collection of sorts. He’s spent some time just about everywhere, and keeps little pieces of things he’s seen, jobs he’s worked, and people he’s met. His album, “Unholy Town,” lets his listeners in on some of his collection. These songs are like he reached in his pockets and pulled out a few gems from along the way. These songs are stories.
After working in the bass boat industry, scrapping metal, logging cedar trees, hauling hay and working cows on ranches, Flory sold his truck and his pistol to record “Unholy Town.” He recorded in the mining ghost town of Rush, Arkansas and then hit the road to spread these songs around.
Compared to other first albums, with young voices and lives just getting started on really living, “Unholy Town” may as well be from a much older man—not that age eclipses experience. Flory can pick a banjo; he also just knows an eclectic mix of musicians. People seem to like him. Bill Brown, the drummer from Flory’s previous band (Merle The Mule) traveled from Chicago to work on the album. Kent and Beci Coffey, well kept local secrets, along with Erin Frisby and Chris Stelloh (of Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray) eagerly got in on Flory’s vision.
Flory is on the road now, and he wears it well: he makes friends as soon as he cracks his smile and looks comfortable on a small stage or a large one. Count on Flory to continue collecting: count on him to keep writing stories and finding gems along the way.


"Unholy Town" LP (2011) self release