Simon Garrard

Simon Garrard


Simon Garrard plays highly paced, energetic folk-punk. His live shows are about foot-stamping, barn-storming highs of everything that's great about playing and watching music - sing-alongs, dancing and emotional resonance. Whether onstage or buried in the audience Simon demands the audience's all!


Simon Garrard is a folk-punk singer/songwriter from London. His sound is the result of immersing himself in punk rock, grunge and hardcore alongside bands and artists such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell through to The Smiths and The Cure. His live shows are intense and bursting with infectious energy, emotion and the joy of playing music. In 2010 he recorded The Boat EP with Tim Reynolds in Palm Studios, Guildford.

Over the last 2 years he has had the honour to play with Grant Hart (Husker Du), Alex Lloyd, the Nightingales, Phil Juppitus and Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun - look out for new shows right here...

*** The new EP This Is England will be out very soon ***


This Is England - coming April 2013
The Boat - December 2010