Simon Hoskyn

Simon Hoskyn

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Having three full-length releases under his belt and extensive performance experience, Simon can rightly be called a seasoned singer/songwriter. A careful listener can hear the influences of Bruce Cockburn and Jeff Buckley in Simon's effortless blend of virtuoso guitar work and powerful vocals.


Simon Hoskyn first stepped into the role of an acoustic singer-songwriter at the age of 18, working from a variety of influences - most notably Bruce Cockburn, Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, and Ryan Adams.

His first collection of solo material, ("Arrest Me," 2005) released when he was only 19, served as clear indication of his exceptional musical talent and his maturity as an artist. From the beautiful melodies of "Speak to Me," the virtuosic finger work of "Psalm 29," and the raw vulnerability of "And If I Fall," this album initiated what has become the trademark sound of Simon's expressions.

Simon then spent a year performing, busking, and writing new material in New Zealand. Upon return to his homeland of Vancouver, BC, Simon prepared to record his second studio album with producer/multi-instrumentalist Jon Anderson (Stabilo, In Medias Res, Jonathan Inc., Sheree Plett).

"The Seen and Unseen" was released in August 2006. Conceptually and musically "The Seen and Unseen" not only displays Simon's ability to push the limits of creativity within his familiar sound, but also showcases his ability to absorb the best elements of a variety of genres and bring them within arm's reach of his audience. This album also demonstrates the extent of Simon's expressive capacity, as songs like "Traded Plastic for Pearls," "Another Day, A Better Place," and "A Deeper Tongue" (movements 1&2), weave excellent songwriting, creative instrumentation, and powerful performances into a tapestry through which deeply personal themes of risk, love, failure, doubt and faith are expressed.

Following the release of The Seen and Unseen, Simon focused himself in a year of jazz studies, and performed in a variety of locations in Washington State, BC, Alberta, and Ontario. He also wrote the material that would become his third album, recorded in the summer of 2008.

The new record, Sing of the Beauty, Say Nothing of the Pain was recorded and mixed by Jon Anderson, produced by Jon and Simon, mastered by Dwayne Harder, and features a variety of musicians from the Vancouver area, including Sheree Plett and Steve Watts (drums, In Medias Res). Songs like "Pyre", "Storyline", and "With All of My Mind" are evidence that this material is a major evolution in Simon's musical expressions.

Most recently, Simon moved to Edmonton, where he lives with his wife and son. He has moved from being a solo act to a band, which now includes a drummer, bassist, and keyboardist. Together they are working to craft exciting performances as well as the songs and arrangements for another recording. Look for the Simon Hoskyn Band in and around Edmonton in 2011 and for years to come.



Written By: Simon Hoskyn

Days and weeks and months and years
Worn away by tomorrow and tomorrow's fears
Doubt blows through today like a wind
And dark night falls and threatens these delicate dreams
My delicate dreams

Shaken loose like a leaf
I'm falling, falling from the mistaken belief
That my design could tame the wind
As dark ground rises to meet this delicate frame
Oh my delicate frame

So lay me down on the pyre
And I will burn
As sun and stars raise toward a different dawn
For from dust I came and to dust I'll return
It's only a matter of time till I'm gone

Eyes wide open, losing sleep
Feet sunk in the sand, and the ocean black and deep
Hands throw ashes to the wind
As dark waves crash and threaten this delicate night
Oh this delicate night

And who am I to claim what is not mine?
Allow the flame to reach so far then draw the line
Who am I to claim what is not mine?

Traded Plastic for Pearls

Written By: Simon Hoskyn

All I have found this far
Is that I'm up and down
That I can't trust myself
I can trust in you

And all this has been so far
Is finding out where to start
I'm so far from figuring
Where I'm meant to be

And I'm not out to make sense of everything
But I want sense enough to fall back on you, back on you

So what if I did? What if I did?
Gave my whole life, let it all fly
Stepped before sight, and lost the whole world
Fell into real life, traded plastic for pearls

And all you have done so far
Should have convinced this heart
I find there's a fight between
The seen and unseen


Written By: Simon Hoskyn

Like writing on the wall
A love written in pure light
Shines in your eyes

And like you always say
There are so many ways
Of knowing the truth
Well I know the truth when I look into your eyes
And see that light again

Like stories in our hands
Our lines trace the same designs
Weave one storyline

And sometimes in the night
I feel your hand in mine
O please don't let go
Truth is that I've been dreaming of writing stories
With you all our lives

So look me in the eyes and place your hand in mine
Let's write our hearts together in one storyline

Don't Leave Me Dry

Written By: Simon Hoskyn

Today it feels like my vision is gone
Blind hands outstretched, I'm stumbling along
Searching, desperate, for words to a song
To name this longing
In my heart

So someone tear these words from my lips
Soak me in these notes till they drip
Like rivers from my finger tips
Fill this vessel, fill this vessel
Till it rips

Today it feels like my name has been lost
I placed it in your care but at such great cost
Now I'm reading the marks of freedom embossed
Where the lines cross
On your palms

So someone tear these words from my lips
Soak me in these notes till they drip
Like rivers from my fingertips
Fill this vessel, fill this vessel

And someone tear these tears from my eyes
Drag my heart from its place of disguise
Walk me through this weary desert as I cry
Don't leave me dry, don't leave me dry

I Want To Go Home

Written By: Simon Hoskyn

I raised four walls around my family
Put a roof over their heads
Worked an hour before each sunrise
Gotta keep the children fed

But those walls came down
And my babies can't stop crying in the street

I want to go home

I chased my dreams into the city
Till people paid to shake my hand
I keep my money in a safe place
Bought another house just cause I can

Then the city fell
Now my money's gone and I've got no one to hold
And no place to call home

No place to call home
I want to go home

I am the daughter of a mother
Whose husband wanted only sons
But I've seen pictures of some others
Who want an orphan for their own

My world is shaking with their love
But there's so much ground to cross
Before I am home

Before I am home
I want to go home

I want to go home
We want to go home
Jesus take us home


I Want to Go Home (single) - 2010
Sing of the Beauty, Say Nothing of the Pain (LP) - 2009
The Seen and Unseen (LP) - 2006
Arrest Me (LP) - 2005

Set List

1. Traded Plastic for Pearls
2. Storyline
3. Shine Baby Shine
4. I Want to Go Home
5. Don't Leave Me Dry
6. Brave Face
7. Forget These Goodbyes
8. Not So Far Away
10. When You Are Alone

Typical set length is 40-60 minutes, usually all original material. I prefer to play with my band, but do occasionally perform solo sets as well.