Simon Iddol

Simon Iddol


mashups, bootlegs, cutting edge remixes, nu disco, indie dance, ex-Vatican audiopornographer, now UNMASKED


how it started

In a previous life there was a guy
he was DJ, producer, remixer
he made TV and radio shows and video clips
managed internationally respected artists
worked for major and and indie record companies
but he had enough about the shit and he died
not listened music at all anymore
few months ago some strange and wicked vibes
started something in the dead and empty body
during collecting of mash ups the guy reborn
and he became Simon Iddol
Simon Iddol is about to make his own mashups
and make compilations about the best pieces he founds

08 September, 2006

what happened since then

after 2 years and
after 37 mashups, 12 compilation albums, 1 daily music blog and 1 bastard pop community and
after many special projects and features, virtual appearances and
after millions seen, visited and possibly enjoyed his internet creations
Simon Iddol decided to take down his mask and meet the world
since day one he worked in incognito
only the closest friends and partners knew who is Simon Iddol, the mysterious DJ/producer from Vatican City
now the mask falls down
and Simon Iddol will meet and play together with bands and DJ's he worked with through the Net
and he will meet and hang out with fans who supported him in 'the Vatican Years'
this event/gig/party series is the UNMASKED World Tour
during the tour Simon Iddol will start common projects with local artists and bands
and these collaborations will be compiled into a his new album project which will be released in summer 2009

11 September 2008


mashup album

the Vatican Years

01 sargasso sleep (Morcheeba VS Salt Tank)
02 wrong seduction (Everything But The Girl VS Snoop Dogg)
03 body rosa (Belanova VS Booka Shade)
04 bangin daydream (David Bowie VS The Glass)
05 sympathy for the eastern sugar (the Rolling Stones VS Zagar)
06 i was made to love your titties (the Trucks VS KISS)
07 overkill of the beast (Kosheen VS Scott Lavender VS Iron Maiden)
08 insomnia and gloves in the cold light of morning (Faithless VS Steph Anne Best VS Placebo)
09 sweet bombs sweet pain (Faithless VS Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook & Joi)
10 the final love song (Ofra Haza VS Leftfield)
11 superdummism (cerrone VS kraftwerk VS senor coconut)
12 lollibon (MaDiSoN VS Daleduro)
13 laura in the fiesta (Scissor Sisters VS R. Kelly featuring Jay-Z)
14 kaya in sao paulo (Bob Marley VS Morcheeba) // April 2006 - December 2008


full tracklisting and download/stream at

boys with guitars mix / 2006
Simon Iddol in Budapest / 2007
medddizzzko / 2008
Simon Iddol at Bootie Munich / 2008
we wanna be your mp3 / 2008
VaváMix / 2008

Set List

a standard DJ set is 1-2 hours
but I can play up to 6-10 hours
my longest DJ gig was +10 hours

I prefer to play mashups, remixes only
I play in two different styles
electronic indie dance and chill out ambinet, lounge

for requests and special events I can create special sets in different styles, with exclusive mixes