Simon James Browne

Simon James Browne


I like to let the song take shape over time and play with ideas. Inspiration could come from a drum beat, a riff or something I've seen. I don't follow a particular format but I make sure the song has some kind of structure. I can only say that my music is honest.


I started making music since I was 16 and would put my songs on a cassette and pass it around school friends. I would make my own covers and lyric sheets. I didn't use any fancy recording equipment but would do overdubs by using two stereos. Now I record using Cubase on a laptop, the quality is adequate but not great but that has always been me. It's raw with no clever tricks to make me sound better than I am, basically what you hear is what you get. My influences are numerous but I don't try to emulate them or follow any trends. I have no idea of what my music is or what it should be.


Way of the World

Written By: Simon James Browne

I don’t watch the news anymore
I don’t agree with what they show
They make you believe it’s the way of the world
And it ain’t so.

I don’t read the papers anymore
What they write is so wrong
They make you believe it’s the way of the world
And it ain’t so.

Am I only the only one
Who sees no point in standing still?
And when it comes to love
We need to go in for the kill
You know we might as well

I don’t listen to them anymore
You know I’ve heard it all before
They make you believe that we’re all born to fail
And it ain’t so.


Nothing as yet but developing my profile

Set List

I'm still working on something, I guess I would form a band at some point.