simon mcbride

simon mcbride


blues rock music with a contempary style!


Irishman Simon McBride evokes the spirit of such great bands as Free
and Led Zeppelin - that point in musical history when blues guitar
blossomed into a sound and an attitude of mind that defined a
generation and continues to inspire.

McBride’s talents as a guitarist are undeniable. At 16 he was Guitarist
Magazine’s Young Guitarist of The Year, a performance competition won
against strong competition. That was 13 years ago, since when he has
toured the world as guitarist for acts as diverse as Sweet Savage and
Andrew Strong.

Lurking behind this guitar talent was a voice and a talent for song
writing that has finally seen the light of day on a debut album Rich Man
Falling (Nugene NUG804) with 11 outstanding original songs rounded off
by excellent versions of Free’s Be My Friend and Hendrix’s Power of Soul.

As both a virtuoso guitarist and an Irishman ( Hailing from
Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland) comparisons will undoubtedly be made
with Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore. However, McBride sounds like
neither. He has his own sound and style.

Simon is endorsed by PRS Guitars, Hughes and Kettner Amplification and Dean Markley Strings.
Signed to Nugene Records and Live nations in holland


Rich Man Falling