Simonne Weeks

Simonne Weeks

 Brighton, England, GBR

'Raw passion and sophisticated musicianship makes Simonne one to watch.' Emily Dubberley, Founding Editor, Scarlet Magazine.

Classically trained pianist, Simonne Weeks, draws inspiration from artists as diverse as Nick Cave, Patti Smith and Chopin.

A regular on the Brighton music scene, Simonne never fails to please the audience. Part songwriter, part jazz musician, Simonne's music in turn is melancholy and optimistic.

"Beauty laced with naked vulnerability...Simonne travels to the f


Simonne Weeks is accompanied by talented musicians; Tom Bowen (former Redland Palomino's guitarist) and Mark Robbins (Dead Whisky's bassist), Joshua Simpson (former drummer for Captain Sensible) and guest clarinetist with Gregg McKella (Paradise 9).
Together this band brings lyrical poetry to life with driving rhythm. Their take you down the road marked out by beat punk poets such as Patti Smith and Nick Cave. The haunting and delicate sounds of the keyboards and Simonne's voice have hints of PJ Harvery and Kate Bush.


Brighton Rock 2011
Radio 2011
Free 2011
Love Like You Never 2011
Stand Beside Love 2011
Her 2011