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"Making Music Into Business"

He stormed onto the pop scene in March 2011 with the release of his hit “If Only These Walls”, and since then Simon Pipe has continued to make waves in the music business.
In less than one year, the blonde Bajan boy has released three singles, all of which receive regular airplay locally, with “Walls” also receiving airplay Caribbean wide. Though he is now a regionally acclaimed artist, Simon Pipe has an international sound that could compete on pop charts from Tokyo to London, to LA.
It’s no surprise his music has such a universal appeal. Simon Pipe is a formally trained audio engineer, having spent three years in London working with bands and independent labels, he considers himself a professional musician making a career out of doing what he loves.
Simon says: “When it comes to music, remember that we are working just like any other professional. Barbados is full of extremely talented and creative people. That's something we need to celebrate and truly support from a place of genuine love for our own.”
Though Simon is serious about his career in music, he wasn’t quite so attentive in his school days. The ex-Harrisonian recalls the day he was fooling around with a shot putt outside the school pavilion, when he broke a pipe and caused the water to go off for the entire school. “Luckily, everyone was sent home that day! They never knew it was me who accidently did it…until today I guess!” Simon also fondly remembers a day in third form when Chemistry class was cancelled due to his unauthorized blending of a few unknown chemicals. “A strange odour and vapour was released into the classroom, and we had to evacuate it. There were no more Chemistry classes that day.” Simon smiles and laughs cheekily.
Simon Pipe may have shirked his scholarly responsibilities at Kolij, but when it comes to his business he is all ears. He owns and operates a studio on the south coast, spending his time producing jingles, audio beds, and writing music for himself and other well known artists. The key to being a good producer, he notes, is that you must understand the structure and evolution of music.
Simon’s evolution to date has shown that you can make a career out of creativity. His three released singles, “If Only These Walls”, “Let’s Get Crazy” and “Tonight” can all be heard via his facebook fanpage: and his music video for If Only These Walls can be seen on his youtube channel: Fans are invited to email him directly at
- Barbados Today

"Review of Simon's Dec 30th 2011 Performance at the Frank Collymore Hall"

There was nothing but good vibrations as Simon Pipe, with guitar in tow, appeared on stage to rapturous applause accompanied by his backups Indrani and Onika Best. Confessing that he wasn't one of many words, Simon smoothly transitioned to another of his 2011 singles "Let's Get Crazy", which the patrons sang word for word. The unofficial Frank Collymore Hall choir left their baggage behind and quickly boarded the Simon train as he covered Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready".
Pipe ended his set with arguably the most popular of his singles "If Only These Walls Could Speak".
"Oh sorry, do y'all know this one?" Simon asks as the walls echoed with the strains of the chorus.
- Nation Newspaper

"Simon: A Solo Success"

WED, NOVEMBER 16, 2011 - 12:00 AM
Though Simon Pipe has been performing for years as a lead guitarist, he has done remarkably well in his first year as a solo artiste.
He performed at this summer’s Miss Barbados Show and will do so again at an upcoming reggae concert. He has also been nominated for several Barbados Music Awards.
A performance before thousands of fans at Kensington Oval and a prospective win at a national awards ceremony is a huge way to culminate his first year as a solo artiste.
Simon was born to make music. He started learning to play the guitar at age 11, buying his first instrument when he was 16. At a time when most teenagers were getting their driver’s licences, Simon was also getting his first tattoo.
Body art and music are central to Pipe’s individual creative expression. Though he is not an exhibitionist, he happily explained his tattoos.
“Every time I go out, people stop me and ask about my tattoos. They’re fascinated by them.”
His first tattoo is of a heart and a cross, with the words True Love etched underneath.
True love, he said, meant being prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice – not unlike what he has done because of his love for music.
His other tattoos include a heart perched on his sleeve, a skeleton playing a guitar, and street art by infamous graffiti artist Banksy. In total, Simon has spent over 36 hours under the tattoo gun.
It’s no wonder he left his cosy corporate job to pursue life as a musician.
Now he eats, sleeps and breathes music, constantly improving his impressive catalogue. He also runs a radio advertising business, adding his own “Simon Pipe touch” to the jingles.
After working with Canadian producers in an intensive five-day studio session, he released his first single in March.
If Only These Walls was an instant success. Since then he has released Let’s Get Crazy and, most recently, Tonight, as well as the music video for If Only These Walls.
Shot on location in Bathsheba, the music video was produced by a Canadian director and is a must-see on YouTube.
Simon is confident that next year will be even better as he has a performance lined up at the Bequia Music Festival in January and plans to tour international destinations.
He preferred to keep those plans to himself but said fans should stay tuned.
The best way to keep in touch with Simon is to join his growing fan base on Facebook because with Simon Pipe, you never know what’s coming next. (PR)
- Nation Newspaper


If Only These Walls
Let's Get Crazy



Simon Pipe’s musical heritage is rich, a blend of genres, styles and inspirations, creating pop music with a uniquely Caribbean flair.
Born to an English father and Barbadian mother, Simon grew up on the Caribbean island of Barbados. His early career was spent as the lead guitarist for a number of acts of various genres including jazz, funk/rock and reggae.
Simon then trekked off to London to study audio engineering, and after a few years in the big city, he returned home to write and record.
Simon emerged as a solo artist in March 2011, and has since released 3 singles from his vast and varied repertoire: "If Only These Walls", "Let's Get Crazy" and "Tonight". All of these songs receive regular local radio rotation, with "Walls" also generating airplay throughout the region. Simon has also released 2 music videos, and has plans to produce more in the near future.
Simon's performances include the Barbados Music Awards hosted by Vivicah Fox, the Hennessy Artistry alongside Shabba Ranks and Tarrus Riley, a show which draws around 10,000 patrons, and the upcoming Bequia Music Festival in St Vincent and the Grenadines.