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"The Kitchen jazz up CD launch"

The Kitchen have had local music lovers talking since the release of their new album "...and the cogs turn".
The hype is about to go up a notch with the band's CD launch tonight at The Brewery.
The CD by the four-piece band features 12 original songs put together by band members Simon Self (guitar/lead vocals), Scott Wilkie (bass/vocals), Mark Wyer (keyboard/vocals) and Justin Cataldo (drums/percussion/vocals).
The album is a sophisticated compilation of rock songs saturated with The Kitchen's signature jazz style.
For tonight's CD launch the gig will showcase a horn section for the first time in an effort to replicate the highly layered recordings on the album.
The Kitchen's CD launch will be at Level One The Brewery tonight from 10pm. Entry is free. - The Townsville Bulletin

"Cooking with jazz - jazz fusion (Kate Jacka)"

Like most teenage boys, the guys from The Kitchen spent their younger years listening to and playing hard rock tunes but you wouldn't know it from their new album "...and the cogs turn".
The Townsville four-piece have a distinct jazz sound which lead singer Simon Self concedes is a little unusual for a group of young men.
Self, who was personally inspired by a collection of jazz tapes he inherited after his grandfather died, said the group's musical influence came at them from a number of different directions.
"We certainly, as a group, came from playing rock when we first started," he said.
"We were into the Seattle grunge sound just like anyone else at that age but, at the same time, we were in the school stage band and that was a big factor (in the jazz influence).
"We really wanted to stand out and we do like to fuse rock with jazz."
Self, along with Scott Wilkie (bass,vocals), Mark Wyer (keyboard, vocals) and Justin Cataldo (drums, percussion, vocals) are all graduates of Kirwan State High School and released their first album, "Trinkets, pearls and pretty girls", in 2002.
While both albums required proverbial blood, sweat and tears, the second involved more fundraising, therefore more recording time and a better quality finished product.
"With the first album we paid very little but this time we wanted it to be top notch," Self said.
"It is very important to us to get some recognition for what we do. A lot of people wouldn't know about us. As a songwriter it is a significant step in the process creatively as well as for promotion."
The Kitchen will launch their new album "...and the cogs turn" at the Brewery on Friday, June 3. - The Townsville Bulletin

"Debut album a gem - CD reviews by Catherine To"

Santiago is clearly the stand-out track in local outfit The Kitchen's debut album, "Trinkets, pearls and pretty girls".
The band deservedly nabbed the award for best song at last year's North Queensland High School Rock Awards with this affecting tune about love, war and other destructive forces.
But that's not the only song worth putting on repeat - there are several other great tracks on this recording, mastered at Stanier Studios.
Double Episode is a catchy, moody work with a perfect mix of dynamics. The percussion and hints of keyboard come in at exactly the right moments.
Troubles Away starts off sparse and ends with a charming exercise in instrumental indulgence.
But nothing is overblown or underdone. The band members know exactly when a little flamboyance or restraint is called for.
"Trinkets, pearls and pretty girls" is one of those albums that improves upon further listening.
Because the vocals and some of the instrumentation are subtle, you need to hear it again to get into the groove of it.
However, the meaty hooks and expressive lyrics can't be missed.
This is the type of CD you play in the car or listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon at a cafe. - The Townsville Bulletin

"Two perfect scores at rock awards - by Catherine To"

A perfect 100 was the score given by two of the judges at this year's North Queensland High School Rock Awards.
Teacher co-ordinator Peter Higgins said the perfect ratings - competition firsts - were indicative of the increasing level of talent in the 20th annual competition.
The 100-point scorer, Kirwan State High School band The Kitchen, won overall best band, and Burdekin Catholic College Band Chuma Drill won the encouragement award.
The vocalist and classical guitar player of The Kitchen, Simon Self, said this year's competition was the best in which he had been involved.
The year 11 student has performed in three of the annual events and this year received two individual awards, best guitarist and best vocalist.
"I owe my individual awards to the band," Simon said.
"They're all good musicians."
He said The Kitchen had been together since the start of the year and included drummer Justin Cataldo, 18, keyboard player and vocalist Brad Hosking, 16, and bass player Scott Wilkie, 16. Co-ordinator Peter Higgins said this year's Arts Council of Queensland funded event attracted record crowds of about 1500 people at the Dean Park Soundshell on Saturday night. - The Townsville Bulletin


"Trinkets, pearls and pretty girls" - The Kitchen (2002)

"and the cogs turn..." - The Kitchen (2005)*

"Treat Like Eggs" - Simon Self and the Dosshouse Chandeliers (2009)*

*Produced and recorded by Bjarne Ohlin (Tunesville Music Production Studios)



Simon is a contemporary jazz musician based in Sydney. He has recently released a new album of original music performed by his flagship ensemble The Dosshouse Chandeliers. The new album, “Treat Like Eggs”, consists of a unique blend of jazz, rock and fusion in an eclectic brew intermingled with poignant and intriguing lyrics with a literary sensibility. The album was recorded and produced in Townsville by Bjarne Ohlin (formerly of The Divinyls) and was released to a sell-out audience at a concert hosted by Music Centre North Queensland in October 2009.

Simon has played in many bands and ensembles and his work has encompassed a wide variety of styles including jazz, rock and classical music. He was the main songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist in Townsville band The Kitchen (2000-2006). The band wrote and recorded two albums together and performed extensively in the Townsville area at original music venues, council events, corporate functions and jazz festivals. His more recent collaborations have included jazz-rock band Captain Nemo and the Golden Mean Jazz Regime; Electroacoustic/jazz band, Liquid, featuring Matthew Hill; and the eclectic covers duo, Si-Fi. He was a member of the community-based guitar ensemble, The Townsville Guitar Orchestra, since the inception of the group in 2002 and has also written music for guitar ensemble. In addition to these varied ensembles, Simon also performs as a solo singer/guitarist playing from an extensive repertoire of classical and jazz guitar music, contemporary covers and – of course – his own songs.

A new Sydney-based incarnation of The Dosshouse Chandeliers is now beginning to turn heads at live music venues throughout the city, as the group works to further promote and diffuse their distinctive sound.The band has big plans in the coming months for the writing, rehearsing, recording and performing of new material to complement their existing repertoire. In their inimitable way, they continue to juggle the high-calibre musicianship of jazz-fusion with traditional song forms, whilst striking an appealing balance between harmonic complexity and heart-warming lyricism.