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Formed in 2001. Los Angeles based Simontronic create music that is epic and inspiring. From somber love ballads to haunted tales of frustrated redemption


Simontronic walk a path of musical curiosity and creativity. A dusting of pop smart's and art-school invention add the finishing touches to an aesthetic that defies categorization. In a lanscape of ever changing trends and sounds, Simontronic is content to carve out it's very own piece of scenery.


The Devil Sleeps

Written By: Eddie Flores

rest up>
so funny when the brainy man sleeps
and its funny how his morning starts with radio and tea
took out 65 trains with a penny on a rail
lost my hand but got a robotic new one
hold the omen talk please come the rainy dark habit
i took a bad drug and realized i’m on the wrong planet
what did you see?
tiny phantoms with giant black hands
and a crooked bridge with satan on a horse reciting anthems
this is the right time
the right time to hit’em
in comes the down time
the coma the riddle
2am and the dolls wake up
stick a knife in my spine then ignite my stove
i’ll obliterate’em
not a second later
i’ve already sprayed’em
took a walk through a park with a shotgun in my hand
scary run, scary run, scary scary scary man
be that while i sleep i dream in pitch black
with my heart off beat, deep breath and i’m back
understand now this is your life
these are your love lies this is your mic

chorus:: this is my life man , this is my life man
this is my nine man , this is my nine man
i’m not alright man, i’m not alright man
i write of pain , then i sing in a falsetto

hold on delegate
what’s the earths mental state?
couldn’t find a pulse
so now we look to mother mars for aid
naturally destroying everything we come in contact with
pentagon, fear the bomb, technology eats the sun
you can martyr all you want
but you’ll loose loose loose
put a token in back
and i’ll sing jonis blues
if you really want to mope then i suggest the news
half a billion people dead from the revenge bird flu
i found a water fountain
drank from it, then wept
to a thousand years later
permanent regret
i killed the queen
and buried her under my wooden floor
until one full moon afternoon
i heard the dreadful noise!
thump thump beat beat
can I be off my mind?
is it the beating of a heart
or is it the clock talking time?
has the meaning of this rhyme
become a mental crime?
it must be
i’m the one to blame because i think off line!!



1. "Mechamedics" Ep 2002
2. "Miserable Me" Demo 2003
3. "Live Acoustic" Ep 2005
4. "Never Trust An Elephant" Lp 2005
5. "The Royal Bloodline" Lp 2006
6. "Indie Sampler Volume 4 (Compilation) 2006

Set List

8 to 10 trx (30 to 40 min set)

Live Songs
1. The Neural Code
2. Long Live The Queen
3. Control Me
4. Ice World
5. Fidelis Ad Mortem
6. Good Evening Mr. Neutron
7. The Devil Sleeps
8. Relics
9. The Hours
10 Ha Ha Suicide

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