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"What's Missing From Hip Hop?"

What’s missing from Hip-Hop?

Thoughtful, intelligent lyrics…

What’s missing from Hip-Hop?

Fresh new perspective from a generally slept on region…

What’s missing from Hip-Hop?

Music that evokes emotions from the listener that they may not even know existed…

What’s missing from Hip-Hop? It’s simple…SIMP.

SIMP is exactly what Hip-Hop needs to revitalize itself and end all the “Hip-Hop is dead” talk. But he isn’t worried about all that. SIMP is here to make beautiful music, plain and simple.

Coming from Maryland, SIMP doesn’t have the luxury of his hometown being known as a Hip-Hop powerhouse. However, that hasn’t stopped him from producing the music that the world so desperately needs to hear.

His versatility with subject matter and beat selection make SIMP accessible to a wide variety of Hip-Hop fans, while his down-to-earth nature and quiet confidence will draw in even the most casual listeners. And once they’re listening, his unique flow and intelligent lyrics will keep them wanting more.

SIMP’s music can be the backdrop to a family reunion, blasted down the highway doing 80 mph, or heard through the headphones of an iPod while jogging. It’s everyday music for everyday people.

What’s missing from Hip-Hop? Simply…SIMP. - Hip Hop Nerd Blog


-"It's that Simple!" (solo album out now)
-Bring Back Real Music Vol.1 (mixtape)
-also featured on DJ Dainja's 16 bars of gold



Hailing just 22 miles SE of Washington, D.C. from the city of Waldorf, MD, emerges an emcee named SIMP who is poised to carry on the old-school, funk and soul-filled hip-hop torch dropped by his counterparts. Recently signed to Atlanta record label, Beat Studies Productions, he now has the perfect avenue to channel his creative vision. It is time to empower the rap audience and give them a new choice of thoughtful and soulful music in an industry and city so governed by the mighty dollar and the mainstream formula.
This alumni of Hampton University cites his upbringing in an area best known in hip-hop for its energetic “Go-Go” percussion, for the influence that led to his pursuit of making music. “I began spinning records for local parties when I was 14 years old,” he said. “So I had to listen to everything and I developed a broad taste in music”. His favorite emcees include Nas and Lupe Fiasco, but the influence of the rap pioneers that starred in the soundtrack of his youth shine through in his recordings and live performances.
While his name derives from the word simple (meaning easy to solve or understand, not complicated), SIMP the emcee is anything but. “A lot of people called me simple when I was growing up so I rolled with it,” states the 23 year old rapper. “I picked it because life can be simple yet complicated in its simplicity”. Some songs lyrically illustrate that concept as he gracefully and rhythmically tells his stories of love, loss, racism and faith. Other songs of his showcase his wit, and ring with such exuberant energy that they will SIMPly raise the spirit and arouse the body.
Coming off as confident not cocky, aware not conscious, contagious yet not infectious is far from easy. But then again, SIMP is not your average rap artist. He doesn’t hail from the Hood, nor does he try to be. He’s not a skateboarder, and he is not interested in fads or trends. There are no acts or facades when it comes to SIMP. Everything is 100% genuine. “Some mistake confidence for conceit or arrogance; I’m neither,” informs the Atlanta, GA transplant. “I just know what I’m good at. Everybody refers to rappers with substance as conscious, as if everyone else is unconscious or oblivious to the world around them. I say they choose to ignore while I make myself and my listeners aware”. 
His music has intellectual substance and feeling. His message is meaningful and profound. His innermost thoughts are yours for the listening. We need to start demanding more from our hip-hop artists, our musical poets. The artists need to demand more from
their fans. If it involves a little more thinking, so be it. If it involves a little more feeling, so be it. If it happens to involve an artist named SIMP, so be it.