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Simple Complexity is an explosive group! The creativity runs deep, so you never know what to expect next from these guys. You can always expect a great show from this group!



Some might say the new millennium has marked the end of fun in hip hop, that all of its creativity has been tainted by the cookie cutter lyrics of today’s rappers. But fortunately, there is a counter movement to this tragedy. Simple Complexity comes as a sigh of relief to those looking for the good old head bobbing days. In 2004, Mas Appeal and Tough Junkie came together to re-inspire genuine music lovers. T.J., who is actually a comedian in disguise, and Mas Appeal, the often more reserved lyricist, complement each other in every aspect. The members’ imaginative chemistry, reflective beats and insightful lyrics bring a new found coolness to hip hop.

Altogether, the two artists have completed over nine albums, including Simple Complexity’s “Boot-Legged” in 2004, Mas Appeal’s “World Unification” in 2003, Tough Junkie’s “College Trust Fund” & “Mentals” series, and the much acclaimed “FunkMunster” album. Songs like “The Pen” and “Ripping” bring a wide range of amusement and connection to listeners. In 2005, they received nominations for Best Album of the Year and Best Album Concept in their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.

The group is also known for its entertaining stage presence. Whether opening for acts like “Little Brother” or headlining their own shows, Simple Complexity always gives the crowd what they want: FLAVOR. Fans eagerly anticipate their next act as it promises to be just as original as the first. Each year the supporters gather to celebrate the annual “Mas Appeal Birthday Bash” and each year the attendance grows.

Currently Simple Complexity is focusing on spreading their reminiscent style via steady shows and local media. Both artists are also working on solo albums to showcase their individuality. With all of this progression, their ultimate goals of “making music everyone can enjoy and bringing fun back into the music” will soon be conquered.


Simple Complexity-Previously EP (2007)
Simple Complexity-The Complex Theory (2006)
Tough Junkie- College Trust Fund Orientation (2005)
Simple Complexity- Bootlegged (2005)
Simple Complexity DVD- Mas B-Day Bash (2004)
Tough Junkie- Mentals (2004)
Mas Appeal - World unification Ep (2003)

Set List

Are sets range for 5 to 40 minutes, depending on what the club is asking for. A typical set lists for us ranges 25 minutes and contains the following songs:

Writers Block
Mega Man
Mightier then the Sword
Closer Enemies
Regular guys
Rio Dinero
Chim Poppins

So the set is usually around 11 songs, high energy, with no pauses in between songs.