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Αθήνα, Greece | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Αθήνα, Greece | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Metal Hard Rock




"Simplefast- Eternal"

This is such a rich time for metal worldwide. A fairly new addition to those riches is SIMPLEFAST, from what’s becoming quite the international hotbed – Athens, Greece. Their latest, “Eternal,” is their first with new singer Yiannis. They got together in 2011 – the EP “Cursed” came out in 2014, followed by their full-length effort, “Apocalypse,” in 2017

The instrumental “Magnitude” and the opener “The Liar’s Truth” establish the band’s blend of traditional metal with elements of thrash. Their developed, balanced production gives everyone a chance to be heard, allowing you to focus not just on guitar and vocals, but also on Stratos’ varied, adroit drumming and the delicious ear candy of Nikolas’ bass. Yiannis’ voice is rich and resonant, no gimmicks, only the occasional growl, just straightforward, solid singing.

With its mention of 1914 (the stirrings of Greek involvement in World War I, which they call “the war to end all wars”), “The Liar’s Truth” seems to serve as a precursor to the bloodshed that would follow (“Greatness they said/I’ll do the worthy sacrifice/Lies they sell/Nameless tags on our graves”). “Nero Reborn” is marked by more of Stratos’ outstanding drumming, Yiannis’ big and booming voice, and the interplay of Hector’s and Panos’ lead and rhythm work and strong melodic sensibility. The extended section before the chorus, which really makes you wait for that fulfillment, builds tension very nicely.

It of course refers to the infamous Roman emperor (“He took his own life/What an artist dies in me,” a beautifully sarcastic comment on Nero’s delusions of his prowess as a musician and poet), and it even more cleverly refers to those parts of the Roman empire where many citizens believed the emperor hadn’t died after all and would return (several rebel leaders in fact called themselves “Nero Reborn”). These guys clearly did their historical homework. “Destroyer,” perhaps a comment on climate change (“Oh Mother Earth, we leave you”), is as angry-sounding as the title would indicate. Several nice tempo changes pop up after the second chorus, one with lots of METALLICA-esque wah guitar, another slower and more ponderous, both done seamlessly enough to not be jarring.

“Atonement” is such an interesting track thematically, perhaps referring to religion in the first verse especially (“Confession/Your only chance to live/Obsession/Drawn to sorrow and guilt”), and maybe resigning oneself to sin in the second. That ambiguity is actually quite appealing. The solo section runs the atonal melody established at the beginning in the background, keeping the continuity going, and it comes back again, slightly reworked, later on. They don’t miss many musical tricks.

You could listen to the descant of the lead guitar punctuated by the rhythm guitar and the grunting vocal in “Tension” all day. The overall mood – the groove, the breakdown (where the guitar mimics a bell’s tones with the bass undercutting), the spoken section (a study in thematic contrasts, like “Separated or united/Healthy or insane”) – is intriguing. Lyrically, this one too is ambiguous, but not frustratingly so. There are enough thoughtful individual lines to chew on, like “Someone swears his true love til death/While lays white roses on her grave.”

“Divine Prophecy” has a swinging PANTERA groove and another memorable riff, plus a savage breakdown with some fantastic cymbal work and tom-heavy backbeats. SIMPLEFAST is very satisfying musically, like in the solo section, where they build on that main riff and layer around it. The second solo section is brighter-sounding and gets a little off track, but it’s brief and returns quickly to that powerful main section. It seems to talk about a holy war in the chorus, maybe one fought on foreign soil with the second verse, while the first verse seems to be a missed chance, an opponent who was spared (“May we meet again/Such an example must be set”).

Tempo-wise, they keep you guessing, like with the faster pace of the title track. Yiannis’ vocal effects and treatments in each section serve almost as different characters, his growl gradually turning into singing, then into almost a guttural vocal, then to a spoken section, then to a deranged slaver and back again. They play again with different instrumental breaks throughout, all of which are worthwhile and eminently listenable.

There are also radio edits of “Atonement” and “Divine Prophecy,” as well as an alternate version of the latter track, on the deluxe version of the album. Sophomore efforts are rarely as completely realized as this.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9 - Kira Schlechter

"Simplefast – Eternal (Sliptrick Records)"

Part of a thriving metal scene in Greece, Simplefast started in 2011 and to date have released the Cursed EP in 2014 plus a full-length follow-up Apocalypse in 2017. They signed to Sliptrick shortly thereafter, and in the interim have a new singer with Yiannis Voulgaropoulos as they release their latest record Eternal. Describing themselves a modern heavy metal act – it’s evident when taking in these eight tracks that the band display an active influence bank of traditional, power, and thrash nuances that keep the sound moving along while being diverse enough to not lose momentum front to back.

The phrasing and structure of most of these songs lays between US power and thrash influences – a musically sharp aspect where the bass play is just as important and beefy as the twin guitar output. Elements of Megadeth and Iced Earth during the 1990’s and a pinch of Disturbed comes to mind when you hear the rhythm gallops and drumming maneuvers for “The Liar’s Truth” or the tribal/cultural hooks within the probable headbanger’s favorite “Tension”. The longest track at 6:26 “Divine Prophecy” delves a bit into some bends and twists that rival Iron Maiden in their prime, along with some spirited rhythms that reflect warriors preparing for battle, some longer melodic instrumental sequences that build through harmony passages that could promote audience singalong moments. A difference maker for Simplefast is Yiannis for certain – his ability to be sinister as well as smooth in more of a baritone-like range gives the material that unusual character, allowing “Nero Reborn” and the title track distinction in a style begging for something a little unique or unexpected. If this scribe had a possible thought for improvement, it would be trying hard on the next go around to create a better kick drum tone for the band, as the splash-style hit does drummer Stratos Midelias a slight disservice to his obvious abilities with his technique, fills, and tempo juggling.

Keeping things in a tidy window under 40 minutes, Eternal will be one of those under the radar efforts for most – as they have solid musicianship and songwriting skills, but probably don’t leap out as a must buy for most in the modern power or semi-thrash fields. Don’t sleep on Simplefast though, as the Greek scene continues to impress generation to generation. - Matt Coe

"Simplefast: da tenere d'occhio!"

Non avevo mai sentito parlare degli ateniesi Simplefast, formatisi nel 2011 e con all’attivo finora un EP nel 2014 (“Cursed”) ed un full-lenght nel 2017 (“Apocalypse”); quando abbiamo ricevuto la proposta di recensione per questo loro secondo album, intitolato “Eternal”, mi sono incuriosito ed approcciato per poter conoscere una nuova band. Dopo la classica, quanto inutilissima intro “Magnitude”, ho fatto il classico salto sulla sedia alle prime note di “The liar’s truth” (tra l’altro, giustamente scelta per la realizzazione di un video)! La musica dei greci è un godibilissimo heavy/thrash, suonato molto bene, con la chitarre di Panos Zorg (ottimo solista) ed Hector Stavrakas (ritmico) a recitare da protagoniste. Ma ciò che mi ha sorpreso maggiormente è stato il cantante Yiannis Voulgaropoulos! Non avevo mai sentito un baritono dedito all’heavy/thrash e devo dire che il risultato è stato incredibile; oltretutto Yiannis ha la rara dote di saper interpretare i singoli brani, adattando e modulando la propria voce alle necessità del momento, risultando quindi sicuramente convincente. Certo, questo tipo di vocalist si è abituati a sentirlo nel gothic e non nell’heavy/thrash, ma vi posso assicurare che anche in queste sonorità ci sta proprio bene! Una dopo l’altra scorrono canzoni che si ascoltano molto gradevolmente, “Nero reborn” e “Destroyer” sono cavalcate ben ritmate (ottima la prova del batterista Stratos Midelias!); con “Atonement” si rallenta alquanto, con il basso di Nikolas Tzanavaras in bella evidenza, mentre la successiva “Tension” è carica di groove e di atmosfere quasi oscure (forse la meno convincente della tracklist, per essere sinceri). Si conclude con “Divine prophecy”, il pezzo più lungo (ma mai prolisso), fino a giungere alla title-track conclusiva, in cui il ritmo torna frizzante a dovere. Ho scoperto una nuova promettente band, questi Simplefast credo siano in grado di dare una ventata di aria fresca ad un genere abbastanza tradizionalista come l’heavy/thrash o, quanto meno, di fare qualcosa di diverso dal solito e questo “Eternal” (dotato anche di splendida copertina!) ne è la valida dimostrazione. Date loro una chance! - Ninni Cangiano



2020- "Eternal" LP

2017- "Apocalypse" LP

2014- "Cursed" EP


2017- Not Coming Home

2017- The Escape

2017- Pain

2014- Cursed

2013- Metal Fury



Simplefast, is a Metal band from Athens, Greece, formed in late 2011.

Their main characteristic is the dual-guitar melodies and how they blend into a more heavy or thrashy style, depending on the song.  Among the artists that have influenced the sound of the band are Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Volbeat and Ghost.

Until now, they have performed many shows in Greece and in Europe, making support appearances in bands like Defeater, BioCancer, Chronosphere and Exarsis, a co-headlining tour with Ghost Season in Eastern and Central Europe and headlining many shows in Greece.

Starting from 2014,  they have released 3 albums, “Cursed” EP(2014) as an independent release, “Apocalypse”(2017) through Amadea Records and “Eternal”, which was released in February 2020 through Sliptrick Records as a worldwide release in physical and digital format.

“Eternal” at the monthly Akademia Music Awards, won the best metal album title of February 2020 and got a nomination for Simplefast as the “Artist of the year”.

Also, “Eternal” has received many great reviews by blogs, magazines and sites, some of them referring “Simplefast are able to give a breath of fresh air to a fairly traditional genre….and “Eternal” is the valid proof!”- , ”Eternal will be one of those under the radar efforts for most – as they have solid musicianship and songwriting skills”- , “Aggressive riffage, epic guitar solos and a strong vocal see this album stand tall over its peers”- , ” With this album,  Simplefast  surprises us and reassures us at the same time. A  Thrash Metal  far from conventions, mixing melody and aggressiveness” , Three years after their debut album “Apocalypse” they come again with a heavier sound, faster songs and an excellent production”- , “This is such a rich time for metal worldwide. A fairly new addition to those riches is SIMPLEFAST”

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