Simple Frustration

Simple Frustration

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Simple Frustration is a female-fronted Rock band from Chicago guaranteed to Rock your ass off! 312-305-5150


Simple Frustration is an original Female-fronted Rock band from Chicago IL.

With the band's infectious rhythms, screaming guitar solo's and vocal powerhouse, they are on the verge of bringing back Rock music the way it was meant to be played.

With most music today sounding like a Monkey playing the bagpipes with Richard Gere, it is no wonder that the sheer talent of Simple Frustration is loved by all. You can put Simple Frustration up against ANY band alive today, (or dead for that matter) and they will definitely find a way to disgrace that band in some fashion. Usually it is accomplished with simple name calling, however, squeegee's have been known to be used.

It has been said that Simple Frustration has the greatest stage show ever seen, and it would not be wise for us to debate that fact in this article. Simple Frustration has been compared to Robin Williams on Orange Juice and that's pretty damn good, because Robin Williams was really funny at some point and when you add the Orange Juice,'s just unstoppable.

When asked by a total stranger to compare Simple Frustration and Pearl Jam, that stranger replied,"Who?" Who indeed, simple stranger, for who IS Pearl Jam compared to the greatest Rock band to ever walk the face of the earth. Who is ANY band for that matter?

When asked to appear at the Rock and Roll hall of fame induction ceremony, Simple Frustration declined to be in the presence of such losers as 'The Edge' and 'Elvis Costello'. "They are all a bunch of hacks!", proclaims Gotham Owens, lead guitarist of Simple Frustration,"The Edge can suck my The Cock!"

Many people have tried to pigeonhole the Simple Frustration sound into a popular category. Is it Alternative-Rock, Power-Pop, AdultContemporary-Metal? "If we must use a category to describe our music", explains D.C. McAuliffe, bass player for Simple Frustration," I would say MukLuk! You see....MukLuk! Whooooooo!"

What about the drugs you say? Shouldn't all rock stars be addicted to some kind of vice that we all wish we could be a part of. "We're all addicted to the love of the music", says Rick Paravich, Drummer of Simple Frustration,"We can't get enough of making good music....oh and the Crank, God I need some good Crank right now!!"

Call them what you will...pompous, egotistical, or just plain crazy. But if we can learn anything from history, it's that crazy people with talent are superior artists that people(like you) pay a lot of money to see, and crazy people without talent are called homeless people.

So, with all these maniacal views of being the best Rock band ever, you would think that Simple Frustration is only interested in serving their own interests. On the contrary, Simple Frustration has played many benefit shows, for FREE, to help support many causes. They were a significant part of the "Save the one-armed Monkeys" benefit, that raised 1 cachillion dollars for one-armed Monkey's in South America. They are the founders of the "No Blood for Foil" benefit to support those poor unfortunates who work for the R.J.Reynolds aluminum foil plant.

Yes, Simple Frustration has accomplished much in their short time together as a band, but much more is still to come. The world may not now know what they have with Simple Frustration, but they will all soon fall in love with the greatest Rock Band ever to grace this earth.

(*disclaimer- Simple Frustration does not endorse this Bio, nor does it claim any of what you have just read to be true. Simple Frustration is an original Rock Band from Chicago IL and does include Diahanna Davidson, Gotham Owens, D.C.McAuliffe and Rick Paravich. That is about it. If you would like a transcript of this bio, please send $5.00 to 'Simple Frustration Bio' c/o this website. None of the celebrities mentioned heretofore were harmed in the making of this Bio. Offer good in 49 states. Sorry Tennessee!! All rights reserved.)


Simple Frustration does not currently have an LP, but our EP has 14 original rock songs. We are in the midst of recording and should have a first album soon.

Set List

Simple Frustration currently has about 21 original Rock/Pop songs. We also do some covers (to please the ladies), and this allows us to play over 3 hours if needed. Some of the most popular covers we play are:

Rock Candy- Sammy Hagar
Cochise- AudioSlave
I come from the water- The Toadies
Any Stone Temple Pilots song
Any Alice in Chains song
Almost any VanHalen song.