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"Kings of A&R - "Featured Artist""

KOAR recieves hundreds of demos, emails, hype, news, gossip, ect..We love reporting on signings, news, ect., but new music is KOAR's bread winner. Here are some artists/developing artists we feel are worthy to be checked out.

Simple Kill -"- Florida - Post Hardcore in the vein of Poison the Well/Killswitch Engage. Just released new EP, "A Novel in May". Recorded in Bieler Brothers Studio (Nonpoint, Skindred). For more information contact Jeff Martin at 954-829-6036. Check out the track "/mp3s/simplekill.mp3". - Kings of A&R -

"CD Review - "A Novel in May""

» Simplekill - A Novel In May
by Erin Fox,
Florida’s Simplekill have released their second MCD of purulent
metalcore which shows the band to be a diamond in the rough amidst
a harvest of innumerable imitators predominately comprised of coal.
Vocalist Panjo’s torrid screaming is akin to the more abrasive
material of early era Deftones as he deftly exhibits venomous
screams and angry hardrcore ranting. Drummer Jon Sperry provides juxtaposing resonating clean vox that accent the screams of Panjo
well, giving the songs the metalcore feel of acts like A7X and Atreyu. ‘Rescue From A Silhouette’ is a focused, driving affair, incorporating some great wordplay (“It’s a finger down my throat…”).
The lyrics aren’t overboard enough emotionally to consider this
screamo, but the words do at times get a bit heavy into the
relationship side of things. The EP’s single ‘A Crush In The Color
Blue’ kicks off with a mid paced moshpit slugger of a verse that is
wrapped in the aggressive/resounding interplay between Panjo and
Sperry. Its introspective chorus is memorable and well written.
Simplekill is obviously a band that understands how to create music
with a stark dramatic impact.
‘Fevers And Letdowns’ continues the drilling sonic presentation, as
Kerry Smith and Jeff Martin add some tasty stop action guitar and
sharp harmonic squealing. ‘A Foreign Theory’ leaps right into a
sludgy riff that is thick as molasses, emphasized by the vocalists'
offsetting technique and powered by the rolling bass lines of Matt
Pickton. The breakdowns before the choruses add to the dramatic
quality as well, providing a calm before the storm type pause before unleashing the melodic fury of the song’s hook.
‘My Reply’ features the best vocal performance from Mr. Sperry
on the MCD, providing for a efficacious culmination to a great sample
as to the extreme audio thrashing the band relinquishes. These
songs are vibrant, lambasting and most of all, extremely easy to
thrash along with. Certainly, Simplekill are a talented, inspiring group
that is more than deserving of your attention.

Rating: 9/10 -

""A Novel in May" CD Review"

Jan. 2005 - - "A Novel in May" review - ""
Band: Simplekill
Website: ""
Demo/EP: A Novel In May
Date: January 12, 2005
Review by: Danny "db0Y" LaVarco
Fort Lauderdale, Floridas finest are back with their folow up to "Shear Confidence", with the breathtaking new album "A Novel In May".Hailing from Florida, where great bands such as Nonpoint, and Poison The Well, Simplekill is a fine fixture for any hardcore/screamo fan. If you like Atreyu, or Glassjaw, your sure to love Simplekill's "A Novel In May".
The first track on the album is "Rescue From a Silhouette", which kicks into pure aggression. with raw emotional screaming, coming from vocalist Panjo, and Catchy melodic choruses, sung by drummer Jon Sperry, you will find yourself singing along to lines such as "..time will tell..".
The first single off "A Novel In May", is "A Crush In The Color Blue". It starts off with nice clean guitar and kicks into a crunchy breakdown. The chorus is catch and at times have caught myself singing "Call me copper..." This track has the best duo of vocals from Sperry and Panjo. after the second chorus everything comes to a halt and you hear nice guitar chords played by Guitarist jeff Martin and then is joined by Kerry Smith to play some nice sounding melodies. The song ends with the clean sound of the guitar, and some wispering, which will have u turning up the volume to figure out what is being said.
"Fevers and Let Downs" seems to be the bands strongest track. Starting off with heavy guitar distortion and kicking in with heavy bass riffs, this song displays the most heart from Panjo, Screaming about the likes of relationship type ordeals, and is powered by roaring bass lines from bassist Matt Pinkton. I especially like this track, it keeps me moving and singing along to the screams and melody. towards the end Jon changes up his amazing drumming and hits the toms during the chorus which gives it a lot of 'oomph' into the chorus, and keeps listeners attracted to the chorus, besides the same beat over and over again.
When I listen to track 4 A.K.A "A Foreign Thoery", i just want to get up and start moshing to the heaviness of the breakdowns. and then rush the stage and grab Panjo's Mic and scream "Nights and Candles!", as sang in the choruses. Their could be some symbolism between the album name and the line "Could it be May 28th on the back of my.."
"My Reply" seems to have the best "dialogue" between Panjo and Jon Sperry. The song contains alot of guitar stopping, pumping into heart-felt harmonies. at times it reminds me of ill Nino, which isnt a bad thing at all. its a great way to end an awesome cd.
I wish i had the opportuinity to see this band perform live, and i hope one day i will have the chance. All in all, i love this this album. Simplekill just keeps kicking my ass with their music. Go pick up this record!
- The Edge

"The News feature"

Florida's Simplekill have released their track A Foriegn Theory for download on My Space. You can chaek out the band's page at The band is one of the hottest post hardcore bands in America right now following the release of their EP A Novel In May , which was produced by Andy Goldman of Nonpoint. - The

"East Coast Romper CD Review"

This alternative Post Hardcore styled band from Ft Lauderdale, Florida recently cut a five song EP with Andrew Goldman (of NONPOINT fame) and even though it may seem presumptuous to say-they have taken the Post Hardcore genre to newer and unexplored heights unlike anything you may have heard of before. First off, it’s far more melodic and rock inspired like ironically enough, NONPOINT or even the user-friendliness of ATREYU. Their command of the balance between Hardcore raggedness and rock influenced melodies was expertly delivered on a huge salver of up-tempo beats and energy-rich guitar riffs. The standard formula of unsightly then gorgeous was applied to their outline of music but it was the diversity and depth that has garnished so much of their attention from the fans. This wasn’t just another cookie cutter Post Hardcore band that threw together the contrasting styles. Instead, they withdrew something more elusive and alluring from melodic metal and carefully placed it inside and around the broken glass Hardcore coarseness. This elaborate and precise sound was something only a true musician could create and perhaps their stint as guitar techs/drum techs for NONPOINT and SKINDRED proved their value. Irrespective of that, this EP was a polished, top-notch production with the beauty and serenity of a lake just before a storm hits. You love the visual aesthetic of that calm water but part of you anticipates and looks forward to seeing the energy dispelled by the storm; that’s exactly what they did musically on this record. We at the Romper are looking forward to a full length but for now this EP will have to suffice. For you though, don’t hesitate and grab this EP while you can. -


1.) "Burn the Silence" - 2007 - 13 tracks
2.) “A Novel in May” - 2004 - 5 tracks
3.) “Shear Confidence” - 2002 - 7 tracks



In todays world, music has divided itself into countless categories. Being able to pull an influence from each one of those, Simplekill has put together numerous ideas into musical form. Representing Ft Lauderdale, Florida; the band has kept itself mobile throughout the entire state on a regular basis, and sprouting its way up the east coast in a better effort to help spread the message.

This is a band that has something to say, and will not stop until every ear has been reached. Perpetually in the writing process, the band has seen the release of 3 efforts. Starting in 2002, with the fantastic metal from Shear Confidence seven songs that really define where Simplekill has started, pulling majority of its influence from grooving style metal, this CD helped lay out the bands solid foundation. Touching the hearts of over 2,000 fans, this CD has made its way throughout the world.

Seeing its second release in 2004, A Novel In May really helped show a new side from the band. After solidifying each band members relationship to the band, as well as to the other band members, this has given Simplekill a defining direction in the music scene. Attaching branched influences from all areas of music, this effort has really shown the versatility that Simplekill has risen to. Being produced by Andy Goldman of Nonpoint and the Bieler Brothers Studio, it really helped the band to pull out their talent and direct their focus in all the right places the song writing process. The wisdom gained during this experience will never be forgotten.

After this release, it helped to earn endorsement programs with Altair Clothing Company, Dean Markley, Coffin Cases as well as Knucklehead Strings. The band has also solidified a management relationship with Redstar Entertainment Group, and has become part of the family.

Simplekill has now released their third effort, which is a self produced full length CD that the band is proud to share with the world. Being fully recorded at the band's own protools studio by guitarist/enginneer Jeff Martin, they has developed numerous tracks for the listeners ear, which tells a story of power and angst between, life, love, death and so much more. The new full-length album, expected to have 13 tracks, is by far the best example of what the band has to offer.

The future of Simplekill is to consistently develop relationships while touring their way to as many towns as possible. The best laid plan for the band is to obtain opinions and suggestions from many music lovers of all different levels. We love all of our fans and supporters and are eager to shake every hand and meet every person that supports the music. Feel free to visit or email the band @ for more info.