Alternative hardcore/metalcore from South Florida. Melodic vocals and arrgressive screams for fans of Atreyu, Killswitch Engage, Sevendust, & Nonpoint. Managed under Redstar Entertainment Group. Management:


In todays world, music has divided itself into countless categories. Being able to pull an influence from each one of those, Simplekill has put together numerous ideas into musical form. Representing Ft Lauderdale, Florida; the band has kept itself mobile throughout the entire state on a regular basis, and sprouting its way up the east coast in a better effort to help spread the message.

This is a band that has something to say, and will not stop until every ear has been reached. Perpetually in the writing process, the band has seen the release of 3 efforts. Starting in 2002, with the fantastic metal from Shear Confidence seven songs that really define where Simplekill has started, pulling majority of its influence from grooving style metal, this CD helped lay out the bands solid foundation. Touching the hearts of over 2,000 fans, this CD has made its way throughout the world.

Seeing its second release in 2004, A Novel In May really helped show a new side from the band. After solidifying each band members relationship to the band, as well as to the other band members, this has given Simplekill a defining direction in the music scene. Attaching branched influences from all areas of music, this effort has really shown the versatility that Simplekill has risen to. Being produced by Andy Goldman of Nonpoint and the Bieler Brothers Studio, it really helped the band to pull out their talent and direct their focus in all the right places the song writing process. The wisdom gained during this experience will never be forgotten.

After this release, it helped to earn endorsement programs with Altair Clothing Company, Dean Markley, Coffin Cases as well as Knucklehead Strings. The band has also solidified a management relationship with Redstar Entertainment Group, and has become part of the family.

Simplekill has now released their third effort, which is a self produced full length CD that the band is proud to share with the world. Being fully recorded at the band's own protools studio by guitarist/enginneer Jeff Martin, they has developed numerous tracks for the listeners ear, which tells a story of power and angst between, life, love, death and so much more. The new full-length album, expected to have 13 tracks, is by far the best example of what the band has to offer.

The future of Simplekill is to consistently develop relationships while touring their way to as many towns as possible. The best laid plan for the band is to obtain opinions and suggestions from many music lovers of all different levels. We love all of our fans and supporters and are eager to shake every hand and meet every person that supports the music. Feel free to visit or email the band @ for more info.


1.) "Burn the Silence" - 2007 - 13 tracks
2.) “A Novel in May” - 2004 - 5 tracks
3.) “Shear Confidence” - 2002 - 7 tracks

Set List

30-40 minute usual sets consisting of 8 to 10 songs.