Simple Life

Simple Life


Simple Life, these are easy to remember and emotional melodies which are stamped, above all, by the unique voices full of character of Bernd Barano and James T. Jackson jun. With a soulful interpretation of her songs it creates the duet to appeal to the listeners.


Bernd Barano - the guitar belongs since the 6-th year to the life of Bernd Barano and his voice was laid to him in the cradle. As a head of his band Missing Link founded in 1985, he celebrated results in whole Europe. With the song "Claim of Love" Missing Link was more than 52 weeks in the charts. The album " World of fantasy " went for 235,000 spots about the store bar. In the year 2000 Bernd Barano and James T. Jackson jun. founded Simple Life.
James T. Jackson jun. grew up in New York, in the Bronx. His life is stamped since that time by the music. His voice is not to be imagined as not existing by Simple Life any more. In the USA he
cooperated as a singer and percussionist with musical projects with Aretha Franklin, George Benson and Chaka Khan.


2001 Maxi CD - Heaven
2006 Last Maxi CD - YOU
3 titels - Friends, You, Lost in time

Set List

You, Friends, Lost in time, What is Love and many others
Our set lasts 2 hours with 20 songs