Simple Minded

Simple Minded

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Our Band is outlaw country, not afraid to say anything, we never stretch the truth just sing about what were doin...everyone of our songs have a real story behind it


We are a Rock/Country band or Southern Rock or Outlaw Country, were what you would of hear on the radio 20-30 years ago, were heavily influenced my Haggard, Waylon, Eric Church, Willie Nelson, Kid Rock, Hootie and the Blowfish, Matchbox 20, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith. We are 3 guys who just love music, we were born Just "south of sanity" Our guitar player is our lead singer, however the drummer does sing alot as well
we were raised in a small country town on the sothern part of texas, were people work hard for a living, farming and raising cattle. In a small town were once your here you never leave, were everyone knows your name, Alot of people call us crazy for wanting to make a living in music. especially from coming from such a small town


Were in the studio now recording 6 pack, and we have an
EP called "used heart for sale"
we dont have any single or radio airplay but we can not wait for that day to come

Set List

Our set list can change from show to show, we see what kind of place we are playing and set our set list based upon that, if its a honkey tonk, then we will play more of our country styled music, if its more of a rock place then we play more of our rockin songs