Simple People

Simple People


Tom and Danny began playing on a park bench in Provo Utah 9 years ago. Since then their music has evolved to include 5 members and some rock'in good tunes. This acoustic based rock group combine folk sensibility with groove -heavy Rock N' Roll.


Simple People are influenced by bands such as Dave Matthews, Bare-naked Ladies, and Ryan Shupe. Simple People recoreded a live acoustic album in the kitchen of Toms childhood home titled Mama's Kitchen. With two CD's under their belt, Simple Peoples music has flourished at colleges, festivals and fairs throughout the region.


Goodbye has had radio play in southern Utah and Nevada. Simple People have one self titled CD, Mama's Kitchen, a live acoustic album, and are currently realeasing their latest work, What We Meant From The Beginning.

Set List

Simple People play generally for 70 to 80 minutes.
Simpler Kind, Funk Boots, Anne, Maybe, She Said, By Now, Every Moment Here, Goodbye,
Covers upon Request.