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Funky Dog 1993
Bitter Taste of Americana 1994
Focus 1995
Superstar 1996
King EP 1998 (re-release 2008)
Attack 2010
Greatest Hits (To be released 2013)



Hi. We're Simple Simon from Chicago. We're a tad older than we were in 1990. We're slightly jaded, cranky and quite cocky. That said, we're the F*N best.


.. Most bands use this space to sprinkle meanderings of accolades and successes and to spotlight their absolute "stand above the rest" status for readers to endure. On the Simple Simon page - the rooting is in the friendship and love for the spirit of rock and roll and the perseverence to continue doing something you love as the years go by with people who share that exact same feeling.
.. Simple Simon, aka "The Simons", have been screaming it out in the trenches of the Chicago & Midwestern rock and roll scene since 1991. Scattered regional tours dotted their calendar like the measles through the 1990's, which helped spread Simon love and rock and roll throughout the USA. Within that time period, they gained many fans & friends, befriended many other bands under the radar, earned the adornment of radio and press, released 5 independent discs, showcased @ many music festivals, gigged relentlessly, anywhere and everywhere, and in turn sold thousands upon thousands of cds - without distribution - in the pre-itunes days. Great times, great memories indeed! .. .. In 1998, in the midst of a tour in the SE USA, over a long breakfast at a Waffle House in North Carolina, the burnout factor was evident, and it was time for a needed break. Mutually agreed upon, and in good spirits, a ten year hiatus ensued throughout the 2000's, whence the Simons' members birthed other projects and spread their creative tentacles cross-genre, with some impressive releases, keeping their musical fire lit while knowing somewhere in the back of their minds that "there would come a day" for the Simons to re-unite. .. .. Well friends, that day is here. In 2008, Simple Simon got together for the first time in ten years. The meeting was slightly awkward, but extremely energetic as they "blew the dust" off of their entire catalog of songs in a marathon rehearsal session. There was no plan. "Just get together, jam and see how we feel." Well, it felt good, obviously. One could use the old cliche of "just like riding a bike". They took it to the streets, and played their debut "reunion show" at Metro in Chgo in Dec. 2008, and the band as a unit was back! .. .. After that, conversation ensued - and the Simons decided to record some new music. In the Summer of 2009, 9 songs hit tape, and through the remainder of the year, they finished what will be the first release in ten years. Mixed at Smart Studios in Madison WI by Mike Zirkel, this batch of songs is some of the most impressive to come out of the Simon camp. The album is called ATTACK!

SHOWS: Fueling up the van and traipsing the nation for peanuts was the norm of the past, and believe me, the Simons lived it hard. Those days are indeed the past - and the new rock and roll live show business model for the Simons, if you will, will be the "take the shows we want to take" approach.... Carpet bombing the nation is not in the plan. It's kind of amusing to read emails of "what are you guys doing?" I don't see any shows, you're not up to much, you ain't doing nothin'. .. .. Whatever, dude.

There is always something brewing in the Simon camp. Visit this site from time to time, or visit for details on where you can see Simple Simon and hear about new releases, recordings, and the other things we're involved in. Drop us a line, ask questions. We're ALIVE. .. .. Rock on!! .. ..