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The best kept secret in music


"Simplified review in Elevate Magazine"

Like their name suggests, the band Simplified cuts through the usual
music business fad-type bullshit to give music lovers just what true music
lovers want: good songs and exciting live performances. No more, no
less. And isn’t that enough?
Not only is this lack of pretense refreshing, but it is about time some band
finally got it right and dispensed with the needless hoopla usually found
with most successful performing artists. For once, there are no attitudes
or preening egos, just four talented musicians whose sole purpose for
being there is creating good music and making their audience happy. It
does sound… er, simple, doesn’t it? It begs the obvious question of why
other bands seem to have such a problem with it while Simplified does it
so well.
To be honest, the name Simplified is a misnomer, a dichotomy. While
Simplified excels at making their music seem accessible, the band’s
music actually is very complex in it’s origins and development. Each
member of the band brings their own varied set of influences to the mix,
though two bandmembers may stand out a little more than the rest. Clee
Laster (vocals and guitar) and Chris Sheridan (electric and acoustic
guitar) were there first, starting their professional relationship as an
acoustic duo in Charlotte, gaining a measure of fame thanks to Laster’s
soulful vocals and Sheridan’s agile guitar playing. Eventually, the two
found musical soulmates in bassist Chris Lynch and drummer (also the
newest member) Tim Lail and Simplified began their quest to conquer the
music business.
Since then, the band has won over tons of fans without any of the gimmicks that most bands use. In Simplified’s case, it is all
about creating solid songs and honest rock music that makes you want to dance and have a great time. It sounds easy enough,
but most bands fail miserably and it is only the rare few that can actually turn a night out at a local watering hole into an
experience your tell your friends about in the morning.
For those seeking out transcendent rock music without any BS, you would do yourself well to check out Simplified at this months
event and whenever the band plays near you. Believe me, you will not regret it.
- Scott Homewood (Elevate Magazine)


"Act 1" EP 2004.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Simplified is a band living in it’s own dichotomy. Though the name implies a low-key approach to their music, they are, in fact, anything but. Each member hails from a unique set of influences and disciplines, thus enabling the ‘Simplified’ sound to incorporate flavors ranging from rock, jazz, reggae and country. Every song weaves memorable vocal hooks and bold musicianship into an addictive visceral experience.

Simplified began its osmosis in the summer of 2001, when Clee Laster and Chris Sheridan started to trade acoustic musical riffs in and around the Charlotte music scene. Clee’s soulful voice and skilled rhythmic jamming balanced perfectly with Sheridan’s incredible talents on guitar, making a truly memorable acoustic pair. But they had something bigger in mind. The duo began to seek out other musicians.

Soon, they found their next musical soulmate in bassist Chris Lynch. With an ear for backbeats and a unique, laidback style, Lynch brought his unforgettable groove to the sound. The trio instantly clicked and began to seek out the final piece of the Simplified puzzle.

Enter Tim Lail. After an exhausting search for the perfect percussionist, Tim made his beat heard. A seasoned percussionist with an enigmatic presence behind the drums, Tim forged the backbone of Simplified with rock solid rhythms and flavorings of world beats. Simplified was now complete.

Simplified quickly began to make their mark on the Carolina music scene, building a loyal fan base and expanding their musical vision. Now, the only question will be: Who will fall in love with Simplified last?