Cornelius, North Carolina, USA


When the laid back vibe of Myrtle Beach, SC meets acoustic rock of Lake Michigan, Simplified, the island rock band arrives with a loud and welcoming splash.

In 2002, Clee Laster of SC and Chris Sheridan a MI native, started out as an acoustic duo. Early on, both musicians displayed innate musical capabilities, which were passed down from family members, and inspired by a diverse collection of original influences. They both grew up on the water, in different parts of the country, but the beach life-blood continues to surge within their suntanned souls, flowing forth in passionate, fun, and energetic jams.

They began playing acoustic shows, revving up and charming the Charlotte, NC crowds, while writing original songs. In 2003, the full band took shape as Simplified. Acclaimed as a dedicated touring machine, they gained new fans, one by one. Simplified's sound caught on, with a devoted fan base in the Southeastern US. With their incessant touring, an enthusiastic buzz was growing, and in turn they began booking shows nationwide, playing for increasingly larger audiences.

With a never-ending tour schedule, including over 3,000 powerhouse, popular performances, Simplified members, with both electric and acoustic acts, are enthusiastic as ever. From Key West, FL to New York City and throughout the Midwest, their hard work, perseverance and commitment have always been key to their hard earned success. Sequentially, in 2011, their song Shall We Begin was featured on ESPNs Kick off to College GameDay. Currently their hit Gettin Home, is featured in the video game, NASCAR The Game 2013 and they have been praised as one of Pandora Radio's top played indie rock bands.

Still writing and riding the sometimes choppy, always exciting musical shores, Clee and Sheridan reinvented the band in 2013 with their newest material, while getting back to their island rock roots. This year, they are releasing tracks from their crowd-pleasing, May 10th, 2013 show at Hideaway Cafe in St. Petersburg, FL. Sheridan states, "Our fans have been requesting a live album so we are focusing on getting as much live content out as possible."

Sheridan and Clee have effectively reformulated the band by adding key ingredients: new players with positive energy, multi-instrumentalists, and a camaraderie that stimulates their passion for writing new material. Now abandoning what others suggested, returning to their roots of a feel good vibe, Clee explains, We are writing new songs for ourselves and our fans, not for a producer or critic. We are getting right back to where we started, with what we know and love music that makes you smile.

Their signature sound is a contagious fusion of rock and reggae, attracting a diverse audience and embracing every kind of fan. Sheridan emphasizes, "We're a rock band with elements of reggae, funk, and acoustic roots. We don't limit ourselves musically and it shows in the songs we write." Conjuring up the island rock roots, Clee expresses, "Our live shows are all about having fun. Each performance will bring you to the beach and right back home.

A decade later, Simplified continues to evolve and attract new audiences through their crowd-pleasing, relatable songs and ongoing support from their loyal fans. Starting out as two musicians with a dream, to one of the industry's top emerging rock bands, makes Simplified a true tour de force. There's nothing simple about that.


Shall We Begin

Written By: Simplified


Wake your sleepy head
It’s time to shine
Get yourself dressed up
Because tonight your mine


And it’s all right
If we lose our minds sometimes
And it’s all right
If we let it go tonight
Let it go tonight


Can you hear the night calling
You and I falling, Shall we begin
Can you hear the night calling
You and I falling, Shall we begin


Let your worries go
Put your hand in mine
Show me what’s inside
Don’t be shy, don’t be shy


Brighter Days

Written By: Simplified

You said your minds made up
I’m just dreaming of brighter days
So tired of this place I’m in

I walk the crowded streets for you
To find some peace of mind
So tired of this dark I’m in
Dreaming of brighter days

Take a look from my window
Flashing neon paints my face
I won’t forget this place I’m in

The city light are screaming
This wanted noise won’t let me sleep
Still I close my eyes
Dreaming of brighter days

(Next verse is still being worked)


Just another taste of the real world
Still I’m not falling
Beaten, broken, and absurd
Still I’m not falling, I’m not falling, I’m not falling
I’m dreaming of brighter days


Screaming at the Ceiling

Written By: Simplified

Walkin’ blind and talkin’ blind again
It’s allright, it’s allright
I want it now, I need it now and then
It’s all right, it’s all right
And you might begin to see your way to me
Walkin’ blind and talkin’ blind again


Oh can you hear me
My will is strong but it’s bending
‘cause I can’t seem to find, I can’t seem to find


Where we got gone


Hanging’ on and hanging’ on some more
It’s alright, it’s alright
You look at me and we look at the floor
It’s alright, it’s alright
And I know you want the same as me
Hangin’ on and hangin’ on some more



You got me screamin’ at the ceiling

Wake N Bake

Written By: Simplified

Started with a wake n bake
Said we feel alright.
WE’ve got to hit the road soon
Got a show tonight.

So come on, let’s get it right now
So come on, let’s get it right now
So come on, started with a wake n bake
Said we feel alright

The lines roll by, as I sit and sigh
While we spark the flame
Aint got no lou dog
But the van still smells the same


I feel so good tonight, said me feel alright
And I don’t think I’ll get to sleep
Before first light.


Here comes the sun, the strawberry fields
The joker, the smoker, the midnight toker
And it’s all alright, for all of us
Let’s take a little ride on that magic bus.



1. Brighter Days - 2011
- The album is licensed with ESPN, NASCAR, The Discovery Network and more.
- “Shall We Begin” was featured on ESPN’s “Kick Off to College Game Day” campaign from September 1st to September 5th in 2011.
- 'Shall We Begin' was featured in the 2012 NASCAR Preview.
- 'Gettin Home' was featured in NASCAR The Game 2012.
- Screaming at the Ceiling' video was produced by NASCAR Productions.
- Song “Shall We Begin” was selected for the iHeartradio Discover and Uncover Program. It stayed in the top 10 “Adult” charts for the month of August 2011 and for several weeks after.

2. Black & Blue: The Official Music of the Carolina Panthers
- #3 Panther's Tailgate
- Played at every Carolina Panthers home game.

3. Elephant Sky - 2008
- Song “Low” from “Elephant Sky” was featured on the 2009 Relix Magazine “Band on the Rise” Compilation

4. Smile - 2006
- “Smile” won Rock Album of the Year: Charlotte Music Awards (2007)
- 'Wake N Bake' is our all-time top selling single.
- Song “Wake ‘N” Bake” is featured on Sunstroke Entertainment's California Dreaming Endless Summer Sampler II - 2012
- To date, 'Wake n Bake' is played between 1.6M-2.0M times on Pandora per quarter.
- Over 100K views of 'Wake n Bake' on YouTube.
- Videos for 'Home' and 'Sugartree' were produced by NASCAR Productions.

5. Live at the Visulite - 2006

6. Act 1 - 2004

Albums: Brighter Days, Elephant Sky and Smile are all available for streaming and some radio airplay.