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Mexico City, The Federal District, Mexico

Mexico City, The Federal District, Mexico
Rock Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review "The Flavour of Being""

“To mix is Good. This cuartet interlaces two
cultures, the Mexican and the Irish. Between
street tacos and a Guinness, it uncorks a rich
flavourful music…detailed and mature, a great
prognosis for things to come.”
- Rolling Stone Mexico

"Band Review"

“SIMPLIFIRES: Official, unquestionable,
objectivly good; recommendation of the week”
- FILTER Magazine, California USA

"Album Review "The Flavour of Being""

“the Flavour of Being burns with ambition and
invention. All five songs are utterly epic and fuse
Muse's flair for the grandiose with U2's ability to
write a tune that can unite everyone to great
- Edwin McFee, HOTPRESS Ireland

"Album Review "Why people make Countries""

“ ( ) … all of this generates a collosal impact
even from the 1st listen... fluctuating somewhere
between U2 & Maximo Park, reminiscent of the epoch
of social protest when they really fought for a cause...
guys I’ll get you Paul McGuinness’s number...” - Rolling Stone Magazine Mexico.

"Show Review"

“the best suggestion comes from SIMPLIFIRES,
relentless forward driving aggressiveness, catchy
guitar licks, an engaging Irish frontman and
enough melody to hit home without sapping it up…” - The Miami Herald


Still working on that hot first release.



Unique line-up: 2 Mexicans (Shine, and Alex) and an Irish singer (David Francis).Formed by friendship and a musical connection, rather than any alterior motive,the line up brings with an inherently different prespective,on the nature of music, rock and roll and it’s unique power to bring people together.

SIMPLIFIRES also brings inherently unique challenges that have to be sucessfully over-come (like singing in english to a mexican audience, distances from home, border challenges etc.).

Shine, and Alex invited David Francis to move to Mexico City from London when they heard the vocal ideas he had arranged and recorded onto some mp3 demos they had sent.

David Francis arrived in Mexico, March 11th 2006 at 10.30pm. The next day rehearsal began. The 1st show was played four days later, Wednesday 15th, to a packed local venue (BlackHorse) in the trendy area of Mexico City, La Condesa.

SIMPLIFIRES has perfomed on almost every popular venue in Mexico city, and toured around the country and outside Mexico, including NY, Austin and Toronto. They have released 2 studio Albums and 5 videos.

A third album its on the way. First single released on late november 2012 called "Wrong".