simply complex,Inc.

simply complex,Inc.

BandPopHip Hop

We're a charismatic melting pot mixing the elements of Pop, Rock, and Hip-Hop. Utilizing English, Spanish and the French language to reach a cross cultural audiance.


Simply Complex consists of two members, Isaac 'Casey' Ellis and Isaac 'Ike' Greer. They have been performing together for over a year. Simply Complex enjoys writing a wide range of music such as; Pop, Rock and Latin just to name a few. Although they are from different musical backgrounds, together they have come together to create a unique sound. Ike, 21, recently graduated from Specs Howard School of Broadcasting Arts. While attending the school he was recommended for an internship at WJLB in Detroit. He worked as an Assistant Production Director under Edmond Spillers at WJLB with K J Holiday Program Director. While working at WJLB he produced spots for various clients and assisted with Coats for Kids. After his internship he was recommended for a position in the radio industry. Casey, 19, began his career in 1999 at Cass Technical High School Concert Choir in Detroit. Before graduating high school, he learned to play the trombone and trumpet. To expand his musical knowledge, he studied classical and jazz music with his Professor Natalia Kruglik, University of Moscow, Russia. His repertoire includes Pop, Broadway, R&B and Rock. He is continuing the study of music at Oakland Community College, Michigan, under the watchful eye of Dr. Jose Garcia-Leone. Volunteering at Starbucks gave him the chance to expand his creative abilities. He was presented with the opportunity to produce music and perform them in the coffee shop. Simply Complex is the New Millenium Rogers and Hammerstein!


Singles not yet released.

Set List

"On Lock" 4 minutes
"D-Town" 3 and a half minutes
"How We Roll" 3 and a half minutes
"Dear Casey" 3 minutes
POP Rap Mix