Simply Him

Simply Him


"We are really experimental with our genre. We try to stick to mainstream rock, but we seem to veer off into other rock genres. We enjoy worship but we try to reach everyone with our lyrics, not just Christians." -Ryan Davis


The dream of Simply Him started with guitarist Cole Duncan and cousin, drummer David Duncan experimenting with their instruments in 2002. They found that they had a talent and immediately they wanted to use it for the glory of the Father. As time progressed they gained a new love for the stage: rotating names, such as Summit 17, Hangar 3, and S.O.S. with singers and other musicians. In 2005 they found bassist Michael Wiggins and singer Alex King to form Grains of Sand, the alternative Christian worship band. After a few shows, tension grew between the band. They split up, but not for long. In 2006, with a new bassist Daniel Duncan, Simply Him was formed along with Cole, David, and Alex. The band now decided to take their dedication level up a notch. They started booking shows at a few area churches where they knew the ministers, and it became common for them to have a show every once in a while. In 2007, the band picked up quite a valuable roadie. Ryan Davis, the new tech, could also play guitar better than the guys knew. It was only until they seen his serious dedication and surprising guitar playing that they drafted him into Simply Him. With the new addition of an extra guitar, and filling back-up vocals, Simply Him was ready to hit the ground running. The band traveled all over playing shows and eventually found themselves in a competition in Chattanooga, TN in the summer of 2007. This being their first competition, they took home the first prize. As the spirits of the band were uplifted, Alex had something different planned for his life. He decided to take a job as a praise and worship leader at a nearby church. From there Ryan and Cole had to take up the vocal position. The band debated on whether or not to hold auditions for another singer. They liked the new Simply Him, but decided to give a couple of singers a shot. After hearing the auditions the band decided to keep the blend of pop/punk vocals of Ryan, and the alternative/rock vocals of Cole. With the projection into the semi-finals of the Shoutfest07 Battle of the Bands, Simply Him has gained a bit of insight and a bit more experience playing in front of a large crowd. The band recorded their first demo in December 2007, and will soon be recording a full album. "More than anything, we want our lyrics to be heard, but without exciting music the crowd is bored." Simply Him not only brings praise to God through their lyrics, but they also implement positive suggestion to struggle and daily problems in the lives of teenagers. Simply Him looks forward to expanding their ministry to the nation, and even the world.

Simply Him is influenced by bands such as Relient K, Jeremy Camp, Switchfoot, Hawk Nelson, Audio Adrenaline and Freshmen 15.



Written By: Cole Duncan

I've got to get myself together
Before it all becomes to late
Cause everything I try to do
Just fails and
I'm slowly losing control

I gotta give my life away
To someone
Who came to save the day

I've finally found where I belong
It's right here in your everlasting arms
I've finally turned my life around
Now I'm just dreaming away
About You

I've got to help someone remember
That right now it's not to late
Cause everything I used to do
Would fail but
Now I'm finally true with you

You gotta give your life away
To someone
Who came to save the day

Can you hear me Can you hear me tonight
Can you hear me can you hear me tonight

We've got to give our lives away
To someone
Who came to save the day

We've finally found where we belong
It's right here in your everlasting arms
We've finally turned our lives around
Now we're just dreaming away
About you


Written By: Cole Duncan

Not even a glimpse of you
Is all I wanted to see
That's how I felt
When you just turned and walked away
From all that you had known
From all that you had ever shown me before
Or told me was true
I guess your life just didn't satisfy all the desires
That were burning in your heart
So why not change it
Why not just say goodbye to all of it

I know you can't go back
I just want you to know

On this day and forever I will say
I still love you
I will raise my hands and praise
God above for all Hes done
And I pray that Love just kills your pain

Only for a moment
memories of all of us
Flashed through your mind
how it used to be
How we would laugh and cry
Straight through life and everything would turn out all right
I've come to the point in my life
To where its pointless to wish you back into my life
Cause where you are is where you'll be
You shouldn't base your life off of me

Though this life is hard sometimes
Just remember this tonight

I forgive you
Even when you broke my heart in two
I love you
Even though you just walked away
Cause God has shown me who I am
And I will be who I am for you
I will be who I am for you

On this day and forever I will say
I still love you
I will raise my hands and praise
God above for all hes done
And I pray that love just kills your
I pray that love just heals your
And I pray that love just kills your pain

Dear Diary

Written By: Ryan Davis

unsharpened pencils lie on her floor
next to her shattered art box
she reaches for the scissors and runs for the door
of relief from all her hard knocks

the toilet seat slams, a pretentious alarm
oh no, she’s done it again
she carves obscene messages into her arm
her blade is her only friend

she chops up a line and turns herself in
for something she never deserved
her mother and father care less where she’s been
they don’t want to be disturbed

life goes on
the tears in her eyes are more than just liquid disease
water flows
drenching her wounds, love seeming hard to believe
out of reach
the pain that this girl is enduring most everyday
leaning on something that hatred has taken away

another day in with blood on her wrists
she calls for something above
searching for someone who knows her like this
someone to show her real love

she calls out for help in a desperate cry
but no one answers her request
with a full burning matchstick under her eye
this time she’ll give it her best

she sees that infidelity has lead her astray
she stands on a chair with a noose
a strong, solemn voice asks her to come pray
her twisted emotions turn her loose

can we figure out
what life is about
why are we here

should we concentrate
on increasing hate
or enhancing fear
if we look up above
the answer is love
a promise so sincere

so take one’s heart
that’s been ripped apart
and make your banner clear

life goes on
the tears in her eyes seep slowly back inside
water flows
over her scars, the tale of the past has died
out of reach
the pain that this girl once knew has now been eased
taking her over, the word love’s not so hard to believe


Written By: Ryan Davis

Yesterday has come and gone
I don't feel like myself anymore
For the embarrassing things that i have done
I have beaten myself to the core
I'm tired of these so called friends
That put on a face to please me
I'm not going to make amends
To make my life easy

I fall down. I'm guilty of ignorance and wishful thought, pretending to be who I'm not
Conviction, my heart pleas it's selfish cry for you.

These days are passing very slowly
I'm not sure how much more I can take
My life couldn't be much more lonely
And it seems to be a big mistake
The tears run, dampening your perfect face
As I hammer the nails in your hand
I'm sorry I do not know the worth of grace
I just want to leave this place

And I cry, I cry for you
Make this fragile heart brand new

I fall down, I'm guilty of ignorance and wishful thoughts pretending to be who I'm not
Unconditional love flows down from above. It flows from you.


DEMOlition (2007) - radio airplay on The Dove 93.9FM, West Tennessee.

Set List

The normal set list is about 13 songs. Covers include contemporary Christan songs. The Normal set usually maxes out at one hour.

Original Songs: My Examination, My Goodbye, Hold On, I Want You, Dreamer, Break Away, Conviction,