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The best kept secret in music


Band name: Simply Put

Kristin "Miss Kriss" Weathers- Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar
Sayota Knight- Vocals and Percussion
Ron "Ron Ron" Bowie- Drums
Mark Anderson- Guitar
Shannon "CrossPhase" Davis- Turntables

How long you've been a band:
Just about a year

Style of music:
Our style of music is a mouth full. We have experience with many genres of music as a group. We cover hip-hop, jazz, funk, R&B, rock, and whatever sounds good at the time. Our originals are a combination of those genres. We fondly call it "Hop-a-Soul-Funk-a-Tive." A mouth full I know.

Inspirations and influences:
Our inspiration comes from our families in one way or another. Without our family allowing us to try different little things in the past as children (or present) we wouldn't be where we are right now.
Influences? Such a hard question. Ron was influenced while in church at the age of two watching someone play drums, Sayota's mind was captured by Cypress Hill and Rage Against the Machine. Shannon was mystified by what we now call "Old School Hip-Hop." Mark was influenced by family. He played guitar in his family band. Kristin is from a musical family as well . Kristin's Mother, Carissia Dixon-Malone, is the Chairperson of Live Music in America. This is a nonprofit organization that musically educates children about literacy and diversity. Her Father Waldo Weathers played Saxophone for "The GodFather of Soul" James Brown so it is easy to see why Kristin says the music just "soaked" in, but now these days a man playing a bucket on the corner influences her in some way.

Next Cookeville performance: The next performance will be at the Cookeville Fall Fun Fest! We go one at 1:45pm Saturday September the 8th.

Any recordings (and where to find them)?: Simply Put's first record will be available September 8th as well. The album is entitled
"Hop-a-Soul-Funk-a-Tive" Anyone can order it online from our websites for $10.00 plus shipping or just pick it up when you come out to our shows!

Proudest achievement: As a group the most monumental achievement would be:
1. Staying a group that can create and perform together (Huge!)
2. The birth of three beautiful children since our time together.
3. Completing an awesome album!

Why you do it: We do it for the love. If we didn't do it we would all probably go insane! We just want the world to hear some real music from real musicians. Oh yeah! It is fun!

Anything else you'd like to add: The album release of "Hop-a-Soul-Funk-a-Tive" will be October 27th at Crawdaddy's Restaurant. The party will start at 9 pm. Check the website for more information!

Do you have a website?But of course! is our Official web site. will take you to our myspace page.

- Margaret Shuster


We now have our first album Hop a Soul Funk a Tive! we have had radio air play on BRock 93.7


Feeling a bit camera shy


Simply put came together like bricks on a house. The foundation was a dream for the world to hear our on personal stories through music and the rest is history. This four piece group consists of a female lead vocalist that plays bass, drummer, guitarist, and D.J.
The style of music interesting enough to captivate any crowd that wants to move and many describe the style as hip-hop alternative. Simply Put does not strive to be like any band out the in the charts. This band simply wants you to hear what they have to say and to feel the groove behind it. Oh yes! There will be groove! Now let’s meet the band.

Kristin “Miss Kriss” Weathers came to the band with plenty of material written. Kriss is a resident of Cookeville, TN and is still trying to figure out why. She has been in the business since birth; her family is heavily involved in the music industry to the day. Kriss started writing songs at the age of 9 and singing on stage with her parents since the age of 15; the same age that she started playing bass guitar. This young lady is highly impressionable and is influenced by everything under the sun! Kriss mixes hip-hop, jazz, blues, and alternative rock in her playing for a great fused sound.

Ron Bowie the Simply Put drummer, “Ron Ron”, a Memphis native and was brought to Cookeville for school. He has been playing since the bright age of 2. Then Ron became his churches full time drummer at 9. Heavily influenced by the many different styles of gospel music, Ron began playing with different groups and has become exposed various styles of music and drumming. We fondly call him “The Beast”. Why the Beast? You must see for yourself!

Mark Anderson, from the Cookeville area, is the guitar guy and he takes his job seriously! Mark has played for 20 plus years in various bands in the Cumberland Plateau area. Mark was a former guitar instructor and has influences that spread across the board, rap to bluegrass. Mark quotes, “I respect People who stand in front of a crowd baring their soul through their music—hiding nothing.”

Shannon Davis “Cross Phase”, was raised in the hills of Tennessee.
Released first rap album in 1991 at the age of 17. Using a wide variety of D.J. equipment Cross Phase adds more than enough to the Simply Put Equation. Any listener will quickly discover that the turntables are just as valid as the lead guitar if not more valuable!

With all of these powers combined, the sound that is heard has been described as: “Hop-a-Soul-Funk-a-Tive.” This is hip-hop, jazz, funk, R&B, alternative and anything else with its own prerogative. It is Simply Put.