Simply The Best

Simply The Best

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Future of Hip-Hop two of the games finest rappers let the lyrics illustrate the thoughts of a mind. The music is undeiable


A break from the Pop rap and the Gangsta rap. We are Hip-hop with a twist of modern rap. WE are two brothers that lived on both sides of the track instead of talking about killing people with guns, we kill rappers with some of the hottest lyrics known. The talent is there we are just waiting to be heard and served to the world. We are from Chicago but relocated to Iowa for higher education and we are destined to keep the midwest music movement strong. Influeneces include BIg, Jay-z, Lil wayne, Kanye West, De La Soul, The Roots and list goes on so many artist has impacted the game as well as us.


The Beginning of the End Mixtape. No tracks that have radio play. Currently working on a single.

Set List

Typical set list can last from 30 to 45 min. Perform tracks from the mixtape and most importantly we rock the crowd.