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Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
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"STB-Simply The Best "Watch Me Do My Thing""

Exclusive Interview

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today?
G represents the West side of Chicago and B.I.G Reese rep K-town. We rep Chicago period. The position we are in came from taking a dream and making it everyday reality. The other reason is hard work and dedication. I know it’s a cheesy cliché but true!! Lol

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see?
We guess there is no better place than WWS magazine to announce that “G” and B.I.G. Reese are officially releasing solo projects. (On the internet and blog sites near you) Some peers may ask, you guys are a group so why make that choice? The answer is that it shows that we are well rounded as artists. It let’s the fans see the two different elements that make Simply The Best! B.I.G Reese is high energy, gritty, and G is mellow and laid back. We are polar opposites. Plus a little completion doesn’t hurt either. (lol) We also are working on a follow up to our very successful first project “Championship Season.” Which we were able to circulate serveral hundred copies and is currently available on! We promise to top Championship Season in every way, lyrically, beat selections, features, hits, etc.

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?
Well you know a good part of the industry is watered down. Everyone sounds like everyone and there is no substance. Our problem is we are not like other rappers, we’re Artists. Every song has a concept, lyrics, and passion. We really live what we write and it comes through the speakers as hip-hop in its purest form. So with that said the hardest challenge is having talent and the gifts but not be heard.

What was one of the biggest set backs in your career and how did you bounce back?
A major personal slap in the face or set back if you will, is the lack of exposure. We constantly rack our brains on how to reach the masses as an independent artist. We just are capitalizing on small avenues. We are constantly trying to increase our presence in the rap game by working in the studio with various artists, grinding on showcases in Chicago and other cities, and of course this interview. (appreciate the opportunity) Just trying to give our fans what they want, “good music”!

What are some things artists need to be careful of?
Artist need to remember who they are. Tired of the same ole same ole. Make us pay attention to you and not your “bank rolls.”

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?
Keep doing what you need to do to get where you wanna be. It is gonna be tough and in the road to glory are bumps along the way and haters who try to keep you back. Like Katt Williams said “Let haters hate, it’s their job to hate.” If you got one hater figure out how you are gonna get two by the end of the year. Stay working at it because in the end it will all be worth it.

What are the best ways to sell your products as an artist?
Promote yourself, promote yourself!! It only takes one person to spread the word. Put yourself out there. Do mixtapes, open mics, showcases, collaborations, flood the social media networks, at performances where shirts with your rap name or your social network. Basically do what you need to do to make people aware of you and your music. BRAND YOURSELF.

What is one of your favorite ways to promote yourself and your music?
We love doing shows! The feeling you get when you command the stage and force people to be nothing short of amazed. It really gives you a sense of accomplishment when people say “ya’ll killed it on stage, I’m glad I came.” Now that one person is going to spread the word and make more awareness to your music.

Where can people visit you?

Much respect to: Jay-Smooth, Fooch, Young Tez, Xxtra, Melo tha Truth, Jus Brandon, our manager and brother, P-Franklin, and the rest of the people who support us and still believe in hip-hop.
- WWS Magazine

"Album Review- Simply The Best- Championship Season"

Artist: Simply The Best
Album: Championship Season
Record Label:
Released On: Unknown

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Hip Hop Score Card

“Championship Season” is keystone album for any hip hop fans collection. Each of the twelve full length tracks is worthy of heavy rotation and full listening attention. The lyrics are entertaining, the beats are penetrating, and the cuts are slick.

All of the tracks featured on “Championship Season” are heavy hitters, though; there are always a few on top of the stack. The best tracks featured on this release are “Brand New”, “Sextacy” ft. loverboi JB, and “Watch me do my thang” ft. 20enty. “Brand New” is a track laced with a cool, mellow vibe that is sensationally sublime. Featuring slick cuts from the ruler, some well laid lyrics, and a beat that’s weighted with flavor this track is a sure shot fan favorite. “Sextacy”, and “Watch me do my thang” are exceptional tracks that pack that mainstream appeal. “Sextacy” gets fans wide open, and satisfies them with a penetrating, super-sexy vibe. The lyrics are well delivered and ride the beat in perfect harmony. “Watch me do my thang” packs bounce that is sure to get fans elevated. It’s a hard hitting, head nodding track. Other honorable mentions include “Championship Season”, “Respect Us”, and “Never Back Down”. The music featured on “Championship Season” makes a loud statement that is easily heard.

Some critics may critique the inclusion of an intro and outro on “Championship Season”. Seldom do intro’s and outro’s contribute to an albums freshness. Perhaps the album would be better served without them, going straight into the hot hip hop tracks that the album delivers through-out.

The lyrics delivered by Simply the Best are always sharp, well delivered, and easy to relate to, and understand. The music and lyrical content is inspirational, uplifting, and laid with confidence. Featuring tracks like “Sweatpants” the album contains a realness that fans appreciate. “Sweatpants” makes a statement towards a female’s natural beauty. “Cake” is another track baked with realness. The witty references and word play in the track dazzles fans, and entices them to take a bite. Delivery, word play, intensity and content are all key positives when it comes to Simply the Best lyrics.

The album artwork, and design is theme oriented, and fits the bill of the music it represents. Critics may critique the jacket for lacking more information on the group; however, the essentials are there in print. Fans can check out the group on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or check em on MySpace. The production and sound quality of the overall album is top level – it’s exceptional.

“Championship Season” is a solid release featuring an array of hot hip hop music that fans need to tune into, and experience. The experience is flavorful, elevated, and penetrating. Simply the best delivers music that is felt, as well as heard.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Championship Season
3. Respect Us
4. Brand new
5. Sextacy ft. loverboi JB
6. Cake
7. Sweatpants
8. She Won ft. P-Franklin
9. Watch me do my thang ft. 20enty
10. Unbeatable
11. Never Back down
12. Cant Hold Me
13. Major Leaugin ft. 1 Six Ent
14. Outro


"Introducing: Simply The Best (STB)"

Alot of artist say they rap about "Real Shit", but after listening to these dudes "They liars, They phonies They FAKES!" Seriously, I salute this group Simply The Best for keeping it 100%. If you scratching you head (Or lacefront) pondering how these dudes kept so real your going to have to check them out. STB consists of G. & B.I.G. Reese, STB released a mixtape entitled "Beginning of the End" in October of 2009 and has a new project entitled "Championship Season" available right now on The track released today is entitled "She Won" check it out!


Simply The Best (STB) is a group of childhood/close friends. They grew up doing this "rap" thing through majority of their young and teenage years.G and B.I.G. Reese came together in 2008. They decided to go for the sky and break that limit also! Simply The Best is exactly what the name says....In everything they will do in this industry.....They will be Simply The Best! STB released a mixtape entitled "Beginning of the End" in October of 2009 and has a new project entitled "Championship Season" available right now on STB's website I checked out the mixtape, and its pretty hot. Especially the title track "Championsip Season". All of their music is pretty much done in-house also, which gives them a unique edge. They have performed in Mt. Pleasent, IA, Burlington, IA, Chicago, IL, and Buffalo, NY. They are going to North Carlina, Minnesota, and the ATL this summer and fall. For bookin info contact their business consultant, P.Franklin, at 773.655.6736 and/or email them at

Check out their music @ -


Championship Season(2010)-lp/mixtape-available now
Beginning of the End(2009)-mixtape- available now
Respect us-single/
"Respect Us" Official Video on



Simply the Best is the make-up of three brothers childhood dreams that has grown into three men’s talent and future. Group members G (George Goodlow) and BIG Reese (Maurice Hayes) bring their hip/hop finesse/ rap to the stage as they write and record their own music with original beats. P. Franklin (Erik Kirk) is the manager, visionary, and coordinator for S.T.B. These men were born and raised in the streets of Chicago. As God Brothers they have from an early age supported each other through every trial and tribulation thrown their way. S.T.B is a group of men who lived, breathed, and worked on the streets as youth, but grew into something larger and better. All three have a respect and love for music that many can talk about but few show the dedication it requires. Their music reflects the lives they once lived and the grace God provides. With these men currently living across the state of Illinois and Iowa determination and traveling have been a key essential in continuing the legacy of S.T.B.
G graduated from high school and continued his education at a small private college in Iowa receiving his degree in Psychology. He currently works in his degree helping troubled kids and their families learn to work together, and supporting his family while residing in Iowa.
BIG Reese graduated from high school and works two jobs in Chicago while also working to finish his degree at a local college. He works with many different and unique people on a daily basis while also supporting his growing family.
P. Franklin graduated from high school and is a minister of music for a competitive community choir. He and his family currently reside in Bloomington, IL.
S.T.B started out in a back room of an apartment recording songs into a computer microphone and making mixed tapes to share with family. Determination led to studio time, show cases, and a trip to New York in early 2010 where dreams started turning into reality.
Simply the Best puts out music that is “simply the best” in every lyric, word, and song. Sweat and tears go into this original work that is one of a kind. Lyrically gifted these gentlemen are destined to be in the hearts of every girl and paving a way to the newest artists now and for the future!