Simply Tiffany

Simply Tiffany


Relaxingly Sensual truth telling that soothes your mind body and soul.


Simply Tiffany- The name says it all! A southern girl with an all region mentality! I always believed that if you just go back to the basics and the simple (not necessarily easy) way of doing things you can build and conquer. In my music I start with the basic melody and then let the rhythm guid me in coloring the song. If it doesn't feel right then it gets the boot!

The album is titled Simply Me. Atleast 75% of each song is an excerpt from my life. I am overwhelmed with excitement with the lyrics (most written by me) and the tracks and just the idea of being able to share a big part of me with others. Every track is speaking to someone out there and I know you will enjoy the Sounds of Simply Tiffany.


I'm Down

Written By: Tiffany Roberts

Listen closely to the words that I am telling you
As Prince would say baby ‘I would die for you and
When you’re feeling down and lonely
Just remember I’m your, your one and only
Homie, lover friend to the very end thick as thieves
By your side I will forever stand and
I will stay true cause there ain’t nothin I, I won’t do 4 you
To your heart I’ll stay true


I’m Down, I’m Down
I’m Down and I’m down 4 You so
I’m Down, So Down, I’m Down
Cause you’re my baby boo

Early morning, late in the evening
Whenever you, you need me
Just call my name like a Jeannie
I will appear to vanish all your fears and
Make all your fantasies a reality, now
This is real talk just you trust and see boy
My love is Never ending
So open up come on in and get some..

Oh Yes baby this is the real one
You're my leading man so lights camera action.

(Take it back) My love is never ending so open up come on in and get some.


I’m Down, I’m Down
I’m Down and I’m down 4 You so
I’m Down, So Down, I’m Down
Cause you’re my baby boo


Simply Tiffany - EP
Essence of Love - Blaze 1 radio,92.5 Koky

Set List

Normal Set approximately 30min to 1 hour - Soul & R&B

Essence of Love-
Don't Know Why-
Good For Me -
Get Here -
I'm Down -
Automatic -
I Can't Make You Love Me-
Is it the Way-
Saving all my love