Sim Russell

Sim Russell

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A powerful voice sustained by three virtuoso musicians. Former technical metal musician, performing original rock songs with magnetic energy. Delivering an emotional path, the charismatic songwriter and lead singer: Sim Russell, will blow your mind by his authenticity.


Strumming alone his six strings in Santa Teresa ' night, something invisible struck him....

Five years a go, songwriter, Sim Russell, wasn't thinking that his life could be bowled over by music...

Arriving in Santa Teresa, he met, Oliver Ruel, his first music partner. At this moment, Sim had never sung his own words. Composing french songs one after an other the duet wants to show their creations to a larger crowd. Months later, Oli left his dream to live from music...Sim Russell was born.

Leaving the famous 49, the place where everything has started, Sim moved to Mont-Tremblant for the next chapter...

There, one of the first person that he've met was Mike Legault. Listening to his compositions, he take the lead and present Sim to his brother: Joe Legault. This was the major bend that Sim was waiting since so many years.

Founder member of the technical metal group, Brief Respite, Joe Legault, recruited his two friends and members of the group: Matt Bélanger and Seb Gauthier, for Sim's project. Immediately, the magic settled down, giving that special and unic sound.

Working in studio to release their first studio album, the band is also associate to the Alzheimer foundation, giving different shows to raise founds.

...and it's just the beginning.......


My soul

Written By: Sim Russell

These days spent with you
will stay with me
as my truth found in you

You'll be my soul,
my reason to get throught
then you will be
on my shoulder
or above me
to show me the way...

(Chorus) I wanna know
I wanna say
that I'm gonna pray
and let you go
without me
waitin' near the gate
'til my time as come
so hard livin' this way
I miss you so...

Even if you're gone
I still trust in you
along my way
to help me when I'm wrong

Keep an eye on me
when I'm feelin' blue
How can I ask you more
than what you've done...


I miss you so,
I miss you so,
I miss you so....

I have to know
where you are
Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
From your heaven...
flyin' away...
without pain...

(Chorus) I wanna know
I wanna say
that I'm gonna pray
and let you go
without me
I miss you so.......

I know that you have to go
but you'll always be...
in my soul, in my soul...
in my soul...

The famous 49

Written By: Sim Russell

That story goes
on a carefree time
not knowin' the chance
that we've got
meant to each other
in different way
searchin' that somethin'
a place to flee our sums...

I don't want to bother you
with these pictures from the past
it's the only reason why
this passion is still alive
but it's all I have...
since I left you my friends...

Doors wide open
standin' by for more action
beers on the rock in the bathtub
to get some guys loose
Jammin' and rollin'
every night and day
just to keep the faith
one day I'll meet my way...

(Chorus#1) I was...
struck overwhelmed
'cause I've realized
that it can be me
As a sign of fate
came to reveal my way
I'll trust my feelings
to end my years of

All these unknowns
who were friends of mine
were my first time ever crowd
entering my universe
Strummin' through and through
the same live concert
feedin' my hopes
instead of my stomach

To keep away my shadow...
from the wind of madness!!

Thanks for your kindness,
your patience and your love...
I'll never be grateful enough!
Caring me during all these years
in Santa Teresa,
I've never realized
the honor that you have done to me...
Is it too late?
'cause the smoke screen
is now clearin' away...
No, I wont let you down...

(Chorus#2) Strivin' send me
to the reason
otherwise I'll keep
Seekin' why I've turned
up side down
I was struck
by somethin' strange...

Wash away those tears
this is the end
of a chapter of our lives
with all my remorses and sins
it's 'cause of you
if my curse is over
So many things unsaid
before I'll shut the door
behind me keepin' our
memories inside the famous 49...


You may say that I'm a believer,
a dreamer or just a fool...
Through my words and my music
you have met a man
and he's still the one
that you have saved...


The First album name: The famous fourty nine, will be release on march 2009 with seven original songs for 35 minutes of ROCK...

Set List

Usualy, there is only one set...of 60 minutes. For sure whe can extend the show to 90 minutes.

1.The famous 49.
2.The planet pill.
3.Get in my way.
4.The countdown has already started.
5.Was it necessary?
6.My soul.
9.Tell me.
10.There you go.
11.Should I know?