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Sin 4 Sin

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | SELF

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | SELF
Band Rock Metal


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"Keep an eye on these guys... they have a hell of a lot of promise!"

Released June 18, 2010 (Sin 4 Sin)

Track List:
01. Love Vice
02. I Quit Drinking (Again)
03. Fast, Hot, Sleazy
04. She Can Pay The Bills In Ones
05. Buy Me A Drink
06. Dirty Liar (demo)
07. Murderland (demo)

Brandon Hayden - vocals
Griff Callahan - guitar
Billy Williams - bass
Chain Saw - drums

Produced by Drew Lamond. Tracks 6 and 7 produced by Taylor Larson.

If you're one of those people that salivate over the idea of the original Skid Row reforming, look no further than Baltimore, Maryland's Sin 4 Sin. Barely a year old, Sin 4 Sin benefit from being young and inexperienced -- playing music without trying to fit in or being steered into a certain direction.
From the opening track "Love Vice" Sin 4 Sin play dirty sleaze rock with some rapid-fire drumming, and the fact vocalist Brandon Hayden sounds so much like Sebastian Bach is an added bonus. I'm not so sure Bach himself could scream like this anymore without his voice cracking -- there is something to be said for being young! On "Fast, Hot, Sleazy" the Bach comparisons take a back seat as the song stumbles out of the gate but it slowly builds itself up into something special -- I especially like how the band works the lyrics. It's back to the gritty screams on "She Can Pay The Bills In Ones", a song that could be the band's 'hit' single with its '70s inspired guitar tone, before Sin 4 Sin get even heavier on "Buy Me A Drink" which could easily become a sleaze staple in the same vein as "Monkey Business".
Sin 4 Sin may be young, and don't exactly look the part (although they have the right idea with the sexy artwork), but these guys understand what sleaze is. They're revamped the line-up since putting out the 7 Deadly EP, and the addition of a second guitarist can only make Sin 4 Sin better. Keep an eye on these guys... they have a hell of a lot of promise! -

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, July 2010

"When it comes to music and vocals then that's where this band comes alive."

Being a native of Maryland I am always thrilled to listen to up and coming bands from my home state. It's even more pleasing when they actually pan out. So I am in luck on both counts as Baltimore's Sin4sin are the real deal. It's like Sebastian Bach era Skid Row only if the band forgot about ballads and changing musical trends and just stuck with full throttle kind of hard rockers. Sound good? Yes, I think so too. Which means I was all over this album from the start. The lyrics are of the typical drinking and loving women variety that we have all heard before. When it comes to music and vocals then that's where this band comes alive. Like a huge machine they storm forward cranking out fist banging tunes like it's 1989 again. There is down time or melodic turns on this disc as Sin4sin let loose headbanger after headbanger. I imagine these guys would be great live because they never let up and just keep bringing all they have like prize fighter coming on strong in every round. I really expected there to be a slower song or some filler because that's the way most hard rock bands operate. Sin4sin proved me wrong and I thank them for it. This hasn't been a great year for hard rock thus, but it just got a little better. - Heavy Metal Time Machine

"Sin4Sin took the stage at 9 PM sharp & played a solid 30 minutes of sleazy glam rock that I'd describe as one part Bulletboys, two parts Def Leppard."

I remember seeing a band called Sin4Sin a few times over the past year or so...the band was only memorable because EVERYONE who saw them said the same thing:

"Dude, that guitar player's guitar tone SUCKS!"
When I was contacted by Sin4Sin's lead singer, Brandon Hayden, I was a little hesitant to write a piece on the band simply because the times I'd seen the band prior were less than memorable & again, it had to do with the horrible guitar tone. The guitar tone was comparable to a Band Saw scraping a chalk was just awful to the ears.
To my surprise though, when I agreed to review Sin4Sin's show on October 8, 2010 at Bourbon Street, I discovered that the band had a few new members & the guy with the really bad guitar tone was gone & the band was actually pretty good!

Sin4Sin took the stage at 9 PM sharp & played a solid 30 minutes of sleazy glam rock that I'd describe as one part Bulletboys, two parts Def Leppard. I use the Def Leppard reference simply because Brandon reminds me of Joe Elliot from Def Leppard a little & that's not a bad thing if you're in a rock n roll band!

Billy Williams & Chuck Stiletto handle the guitar duties for the band these days & their guitar tone is easy on the ears, Billy keeps the rhythm parts anchored while Chuck plays the leads.

Sin4Sin is a glam rock oriented band in their overall sound & the occasional sloppiness in the guitar parts add a human quality to the bands sound & feel.

The bands drummer is simply known as Chain Saw & he's a thin guy who plays fat drum beats....he holds the band together very well in the rhythm department alongside bassist Jay Virus.

If you get too close to the front of the stage be warned that Brandon does spit beer & occasionally will hose the crowd in front of the stage with beers, so expect to get wet...if you're a guy you might get wet from a beer, if you are a lady you might get wet from Brandon via a beer or something else!

The Newly added twin guitar attack Sin4Sin has these days adds alot to their sound & when the band was finished their set I definitely heard & felt the improvements the 2 new guitarists add to the band overall.

Sin4Sin is best described as a Maryland based band that plays L.A. Sleaze Rock, they have a song called "Love Vice" that sums up what the band is about & if I had to choose 2 words that best describe Sin4Sin I'd call them "Fast & Sleazy". They are trying to bring back a style of rock that was popular nearly 2 decades ago & I'm all for it because the era & style Sin4Sin represent is/was all about having fun, not worrying about tomorrow, the girls were sexy & everyone kinda threw caution to the wind. - Sen Magazine

"Do I dare say that “I Quit Drinking (Again)” reminds me of the Beastie Boys? This song oscillates between heavy riffs, and a talking lyric by Brandon Hayden."

Baltimore, Maryland’s Sin 4 Sin recently sent us a copy of their new EP, 7 Deadly. Prior to receiving this CD, I haven’t heard of Sin 4 Sin before, so I had no expectations going into this CD. The opening song “Love Vice” quickly establishes the band’s influences of Guns N’ Roses & Skid Row, and shows a lot of promise for these Maryland rockers.

“Love Vice”, and “Fast, Hot Sleazy” are easily the best tunes on 7 Deadly. Both songs rock hard! You can hear a Sebastian Bach like growl with singer Brandon Hayden! I am glad to hear Hayden take some chances with his voice, and add some metal screams, instead of taking the easy way out like so many modern rock bands today.

Do I dare say that “I Quit Drinking (Again)” reminds me of the Beastie Boys? This song oscillates between heavy riffs, and a talking lyric by Brandon Hayden. It isn’t my favorite song on this EP, but this tune does get in my head.

The song title “She Can Pay the Bills in Ones” made me laugh the first time I read it. I bet you can guess what this song is about! This song reminds me a lot of the band The Last Vegas. With a little better production, Sin 4 Sin could have a hit on their hands with this tune.

Hopefully, 7 Deadly will get in the hands of some producers that can help out Sin 4 Sin. This band has a lot of potential. A few minor tweaks, here and there, and we could have another major hard rock band rockin’ the airwaves and concert halls!

- Hard Rock Hideout

"Vocalist Brandon Hayden has a voice honed on booze and cigarettes, but this guy’s got undeniable power and range."

Baltimore’s Sin 4 Sin injects some much needed new life into the hard rock scene. Harnessing the power of Faster Pussycat and Bang Tango with a bit of Skid Row thrown in for good measure, this rough and tumble glam band incorporate all that was good about music in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s with a decidedly modern touch. Anthem like lyrics predominately about drinking and strippers, coupled with blazing guitars and catchy choruses put Sin 4 Sin smack dab in the middle of rock ‘n roll debauchery. Vocalist Brandon Hayden has a voice honed on booze and cigarettes, but this guy’s got undeniable power and range. From the leggy model on the cover to song titles such as ‘Fast, Hot, Sleazy’ and ‘Buy Me A Drink’, it’s pretty obvious Sin 4 Sin is all about indulgence – and that’s a good thing! Only downside is the final two tracks are demos as opposed to proper studio recordings. ‘Dirty Liar’ and ‘Murderland’ deserve the same spit-shine as ‘Love Vice’ and ‘She Can Pay The Bills In Ones’. -

"Sin 4 Sin Band Review 7/24"

"Nearly all of their songs have a great hook, and I found myself shouting along with their firey lead singer at some points."

"Sin 4 Sin puts Performance back into the Criteria of a good show."

"When Sin 4 Sin plays, every person in the place has their attention fixed on them, including the bartenders! If you ever get a chance to see this band live, I highly recommend you check them out! Great Show, Great Songs, and a Great Time!" - Blogspot Live Band Reviews

"Metal World- Interview with Sin 4 Sin"

1) Can you tell us the history of the band?
It all started with Brandon Hayden and Chain Saw who worked together in a bar. They felt that music was just watered down and dead from Grunge, and had absolutely no direction anymore. No one wrote music, they wrote words that rhyme with simple beats. There was no story behind a popular song anymore, and they were getting tired of it. They began writing, but nothing ever came of the band until they met Griff Callahan, a blue collar master mechanic with a neck tattoo who could bang out a bluesy sound out of his 1983 Gibson Les Paul. The three of them began writing and rehearsing, and then went into Oceanic Studios in Bethesda, MD to record their first Demo, which contained the Baltimroe anthem Murderland, and the heavy Dirty Liar. Evan Dartanian, a mutual friend of the bands, stepped in to play bass so Brandon Hayden could do what he wanted on stage with the microphone and work the crowd, as the band as a whole felt this was crucial to their music so they could get their message across. With some bass player changes due to work and distance, Tommy Sickles (formerly of Nothingface and currently of Knives Out) stepped in to help the band out. The four of them together played their first show 2 weeks ago, and will be playing their next show for Baltimore's 98Rock on Monday, 12-28, and will be on 98Rock for an interview on Sunday, 12-27 at 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time. The interview will be streamed online as well at

2) What’s the story behind the bandname: Sin 4 Sin?
Brandon Hayden adopted the band name from an instance that occured in July of 2006. Being a popular Bartender in the Baltimore area, Brandon has seen his share of Sin many many times, and one night after a series of "cycling" as he likes to call it, he woke up in the morning to the tune of Poison's Look What the Cat Dragged In. The rest is history.

3) What are the main influences of the band?
Motley Crue, Skid Row, Buckcherry, Guns N' Roses, and Kix (of whom Brandon Hayden took voice lessons from)

4) In the old days, lyrics from most of the glambands were dealing with girls, fun, drinking etc…, but the lyrics on the two songs on you’re my space are telling something. Can you tell me more about the story behind these lyrics and are all the lyrics like that or will there also be room for fun/girl lyrics?
The music from the two songs on our Demo were written very quickly. All lyrics are written by Brandon Hayden, and both songs happened to be lyrics he's written in years past. Murderland was written about Baltimore, hence some of the lyrics representing Charm City. The message was to spread the word of corruptiveness and brutality through a different median. Not out of anger, but to celebrate it would be more of an insult to those who are responsible, and for those who take no action. Dirty Liar was written about people who try to take from you what they don't have or can't obtain, and try to tarnish your name in jealousy, which was something Brandon dealt with as he would dress and talk the way he wanted, and took home any girl in the bar he wanted night after night, which is what instigated some of they lyrics as a "True Story" of his college years.

5) Is there interest from labels for your music?
The band has not been around enough for any major labels to catch attention, but once the full length album drops, which will be available anywhere online, they expect it. Mostly just independent labels are interested in the band, but fail to share the same vision the band does when it comes to marketing and PR strategy.

6) Are there planns to record a full album shortly?
Yes. The band is expecting to hit the studio sometime in January, and hopes to have a full length available by late March or Early April. They are recording at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore who have known to produce other bands such as the Charm City Devils, SR-71, Jimmies Chicken Shack, and Slipknot.

7) You played also a few liveshows. Is it hard to find shows around Baltimore?
Absolutely not. Getting shows anywhere is never a problem as long as you understand how the business works, because Music is a Business to Promoters. If you can bring alot of people out and sell tickets, you will get booked, its as simple as that, and thats something alot of bands fail to realize, but thats the way she goes!

8) Did you also played outside Baltimore, L.A. or that neighbourhood, where glam is still very popular?
Nothing outside of Baltimore yet, however there have been promoters in neighboring states contacting us in hopes of putting together an East Coast tour sometime in April of 2010.

9) How do you see the future of the band?
They see the future in this as anyone with big hopes to make it would see it. They dedicate all of their spare time to getting their name heard. ALL OF THEIR SPARE TIME. And they fee - Mindview Magazine


Arrest Me! EP- 2011
7 Deadly EP- 2010



Sin 4 Sin is an American Hard Rock Band based out of Baltimore, MD. Drawing influences from Motley Crue, Buckcherry, and Jet, Sin 4 Sin's sound is unique with powerful vocals, blazing guitars, and arena style songwriting. Sin 4 Sin has plenty of experience performing alongside National Acts. Within the past year, the band has shared the stage with the Charm City Devils, Adler's Appetite, LA Guns, Vains of Jenna, Danko Jones, Faster Pussycat, The Last Vegas, and George Lynch. "Arrest Me!" is the bands latest release and is available for purchase worldwide through iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and every other major online music retailer.

• Currently playing on all radio formats and stations worldwide
• > 5,000 active social media contacts
• National and Regional stage experience as a supporting act
• Ranked in the top 100 on a National Hard Rock chart
• Top 500 bands to watch on a leading global chart
• Selected and showcased for Texas Rock Fest 2010
• Selected as a showcase artist for Millennium Music Conference 2012
• Top 40 Best Bands in Baltimore by WBAL-TV Baltimore

Being one of the regions top hard rock bands, Sin 4 Sin has been playing a major role in reshaping the style of the modern rock scene. Sin 4 Sin's music can be heard on every major media outlet in the Baltimore/DC area seeing local airtime on WIYY, HFS, XTSR, WWDC-FM, and WQXA as well as countless Internet Radio Show Broadcasts. 98Rock Baltimore labeled Sin 4 Sin as one of Baltimore's top Party Rock Bands. Their live show is more than high energy, its charismatic, and their crowd response is LOUD! Raise your glass!