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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | INDIE

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | INDIE
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"40 days til you speak another language"

“I pressed play on Mallo’s most listened song on Myspace, “Qualquer Lugar,” and I was proven wrong. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong. So good. I have no idea what she’s singing about but goodness gracious, if she isn’t the sexiest sound to have graced my ears lately! A chill jazz groove backs her South American accent which both relaxes me and makes me want to grab a copy of Rosetta Stone. Good music transcends verbal languages so I listened on.”

- Nina C

"SXSW Interview"

The Sao Paulo, Brazil-based Natalia Mallo describes herself as a singer, composer, guitar player, bass player, producer, sound designer and cook. A prolific artist, Mallo is involved with an array of projects and collaborations -- not to mention a stunning food blog. For her first trip to SXSW, she will perform work from her current solo project, 'Qualquer Lugar,' as well as share the stage with the trio Simanantes. Spinner spoke with Mallo over a long distance lunch of whole rice, asparagus, and zucchini souffle about her music, the festival and her return to the US.

http://www.spinner.com/2010/03/10/sxsw-2010-natalia-mallo - Spinner

"Hay que venir al Sur"

Sinamantes (da esquerda para a direita): Natalia Mallo, Danilo Penteado e Mariá Portugal. Divulgação

Dois brasileiros e uma argentina. Mariá Portugal, Danilo Penteado e Natalia Mallo, respectivamente. Esta é a formação do Sinamantes. O trio vem para aproximar a música pop brasileira e a latino-americana.

Com EP recém-saído do forno e show de lançamento agendado para o dia 14 de março no NX35 Festival – Banter, no Texas (EUA), o trio conversou em primeiríssima mão com o Cultura Livre. O papo foi durante um cheiroso almoço preparado por Natalia Mallo.

http://www.radioculturabrasil.com.br/am/programa/cultura-livre/espaco-livre - Radio Cultura


All the member toghether sum 12 albums released.

Sinamantes had its first EP "Sinamantes" released in Brazil and Japan in May 2010.

The first LP SINAMANTES will be released in march/2013.



Created in the middle of the great brazilian summer heat of 2010 by two brazilians and one argentinian, SINAMANTES comes to shorten and enhance connections between different aspects of the latin-american pop music. The eclectic background of the three band members contributes to an unique approach to this subject, always through the lens of pop but resulting in a sound that escapes from the obvious, connecting different cultures in a friendly, creative mood.

Natalia Mallo is an argentinian singer and composer living in Brazil since 1995. She and Mariá Portugal started a research in remodeling and tranforming pop songs, by founding the band Trash Pour 4. They soon became well-known in Brazil, recording three albums and touring through Europe and Japan. Danilo Penteado is a multi-talented musician specialized in traditional brazilian music and jazz.

Together they release the EP “SINAMANTES” with two covers and three tunes of their own. “Hay que venir al sur” is a astonishing 70’s hit in all latin-spoken world (except, curiously, in Brazil) by the italian star Rafaella Carrà, made into an intense arrangement with a little spooky accent. A sexually libertarial hymn, the song was censured by many dictatorial regimes in Latin America at the time. “Tolas Melodias” is a portuguese version of the fresh hit “Cursis Melodias” by mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade, here with percussions and piano in a relaxed and classy mood. “Dios y Yo” is a cooperation between Natalia and Mariá which evokes north-american folk music. “The frog”, by Natalia Mallo, is radiophonic and hedonistic, and “Procuro”, by Mariá Portugal, is inspired by the epical melancholy of argentinian pop music.

Sinamantes already played several tours in Brazil and abroad including SXSW Music Conference, NX35 Festival, BYOC Music Fest, Village Underground (NYC), NuBlu, Park Plaza (London), Braço de Prata (Lisbon) and others.

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