Sin BoyZ

Sin BoyZ

BandHip Hop

Hip hop flavor with a twist of different styles


Our music will appeal to all generations and will introduce hip hop to those of you who haven't experienced it yet. We have a variety of rap styles along with a couple of singers to introduce flava to the audience. Our group began with two brothers, jullien and marquis, jullien has been writing since he was nine and incorporated the rest of the members over the years...we are very much influenced by Jay-z , Young Jeezy, NAS .dmx, method man and bizzy bone ..Members Name and Age...Beans 16...Quis 17...Freaky 18...Lo-Key 16 and Caprice...17


Me and Me

Written By: Jullien Richardson aka Beans

Niggas already know wat it is wit Beans man crushin niggas leave them out to dry like a raisin brand/Smackin hoes dippin out now i got a case man im spittin crack let me know if you want a taste man/cuz wit dis game plan things will never change man i got bananas for these niggas call me orangutan man/and my bullets stay cumin call them ejaculation plus them things in a race and u in da way man/ so just in case friend i shoot at yo face man have a son to get older he'll take yo place man/i'll have you shoppin through da window like you 50 cent's man have tellin on niggas as good as 50 cent can/


At this time we have only distributed underground tapes at this time, we are working on getting radio play. We have also developed some videos

Set List

Our typical set list is to have 8 tracks available and they are , 1. Talk is Cheap
2. Mary Mary
3. No guns
4. Little Sally Walker
5. Sin boyz anthem
6. Smack with da burna
7. Me and Me
8. On and On
Our sets are about 1:20 minutes long