We are all about high energy, soaring vocal melodies, very guitar driven, punchy bass and groovy beats. Five different minds with diverse influences, we are always trying to cook up the next latest thing.


Since was formed in the summer of 2003 by Ryan Swann. Later recruting DJ Test formally of DRIP as the singer. Another guitar player was wanted and subsequently, Ryan asked his brother Rick to join. We went back and forth with a bass player for a while then decided to find a more reliable bassist and a more solid drummer. Litereally within the same day both were recruted and immediatly joined. Including female bassist and high school friend Genn and the well rounded Steve on drums.
The new Since was formed and we have'nt stopped since then. Our infuences vary form one member to the next, however we all know what we want to sound like. Sevendust, Mudvayne, Soilwork, Story of the Year, and Dead Poetic to name a few. We like to think we have something to offer almost every listener, we have a more heavy and powerful sound than most other bands but are NOT obnoxious with aggrevated screaming and brutal drums. Definatley not our style, we like to think that it is possible to be heavy and beautiful at the same time while maitaining the beloved infectious groove. A Renaissance of the Rock/Pop culture if you may.


From then Until now - 5 song EP
You can hear select tracks @

Set List

Fire and Ice
80's medley
A promise lies
Walk away
Fighting for nothing
Shooting star
Invisible me
On and on

And we sometimes cover "Until the day I die"
by Story of the Year as well as a medley compiled of 5 of our favorite 80's hits!