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Sincerely Yours

Oak Park, Illinois, United States | SELF

Oak Park, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




"Sincerely Yours, Sam Rubix, Cody B Ware, Neak, The Illz"

Featured in show. - Jessica of Iheartdilla

"Sincerely Yours featured on "Small things" - kevinnottingham"

Neak leaks the 11th installment of his IllRap Series. “The Small Things” features Sincerely Yours and Rashid Hadee, with Hadee on the boards as well. - Kevin of kevinnottingham

"Sincerely Yours featured on "Groove Theory" - cash and caviar"

Featured on cash and caviar. - cash and caviar

"Sincerely Yours featured on "Jockin'" -"

The problem of hatin’ may get all the press, but no less prevalent in today’s game is Jockin’, a related phenomenon in which talented artists are subjected to egregious levels of imitation and obsessive attention. Following in the footsteps of Tone Tone and Jay-Z, Mike Schpitz does his part to raise awareness on installment #7 in the ongoing #illRaps series. Here, the upbeat chopped-soul boardwork (complete with an entertainingly obscene sampled hook) of Slot-A sets the stage for a little lyrical venting from the freestyle series contributor and two fellow jock-ees. After the headliner vents his frustration with his peers’ unseemly behavior, Windy City neighbor Sincerely Yours and reader fave/fellow freestyle alum Neak chime in to commiserate, seasoning their verses with engaging imagery and punchlines: “You ready for the recipe? You wouldn’t understand, how to make these fellas jelly every time they hear me jam.” While I have a feeling this banger won’t dissuade the jockin-inclined, it will undoubtedly succeed in its secondary mission: to keep fans coming back for future entries in their weekly #illRaps series. - Richard of DJBooth.Net

"Sincerely Yours featured on "Gotta be something"- fakeshoredrive"

Mike Schpitz, Neak & Sincerely Yours trade bars over this serious soundtrack provided by Slot-A. Keep in mind that this is the 3rd installment of Neak’s illRaps series. It just keeps getting better & better. - Ty Kidd of fakeshoredrive

"Sincerely Yours featured on "It mean's the world" - chicago now"

You have probably taken note of the #illRaps series by now. It has been one consistent feature, week after week, and the blizzard outside has done nothing to deter these Chicagoans from earning another one - the biggest collab yet on the #illRaps series! Follow along with me here: F.A.B.L.E., Neak, Rashid Hadee, Slot-A, Sincerely Yours, Mike Schpitz, & NidaNasheeda are the featured artists. All emcees do their thing (in that order) with NidaNasheeda providing a soulful chorus to the groovy production. F.A.B.L.E. and Rashid Hadee are newcomers to the #illRaps series but they fit right in, with a dope verse from Neak laced in between their nice efforts as well. I gotta give the crown to Sincerely Yours though, whose verse really resonated with me on first listen and onward. There are many more highlights across the record to name (I see ya too, Slot & Schpitz) so hear and judge for yourself on this new jam, which dables in the culture, lifestyle, and mindset of hip hop today. All in all, "Means The World" is one of my favorites on the #illRaps series and leaves me wanting more. We'll just have to look ahead to next week and see what they come up with next!

Read more: - Tibs of gowherehiphop

"Sincerely Yours, YC The Cynic, Neak, Add-2, Skotch Davis at the compound. (Brooklyn, Ny)"

Featured in the show sponsored by 2dopeboyz,, refinedhype and etc. - Shamz of OkayPlayer

"Sincerely Yours featuring Neak and Rashid Hadee - You Already Know"

Record will be featured on my upcoming project. - Justin of Kevinnottingham

"Sincerely Yours featuring NidaNasheeda - Keeper Remix"

Featured on the site as the Heater of the day. - n/a

"Sincerely Yours - Life Of A Don"

Fresh off his reader-approved Booth debut, It’s All Good, Sincerely Yours returns to give us a little insight into the fast life on new single Life of a Don. This ritzy selection features the gritty yet luxurious production of Windy City representative Rashid Hadee, plus guest rhymes by Booth fave and freestyle series alum Neak. Scheduled for release this summer, Sincerely Yours’ latest project has yet to receive a title; keep it locked for further details! - Richard of DJBooth.Net

"Sincerely Yours - It's All Good featured on"

If you’ve been a fan of Mike Schpitz for as long as the Booth has, undoubtedly you’ve heard of Sincerely Yours. Along with other regularly featured artistNeak, the Chicago native has been featured in some pretty impressive records to date on the site, like Jockin’, although none can be claimed as his own. Like all artists hungry for more, Yours is here to prove that his talent can stand alone with his new single, It’s All Good. Slot-A (yet another frequent collaborator of Schpitz) does well with the production here, this time sampling Notorious Biggie’s Sky’s the Limit on an old-school influenced beat. Yours takes it away from there, capturing listeners attention with quick lyrical bars that hit on his struggle for success, be it from hustle, family, or mentality. If you liked the way this one felt in your headphones, be sure to keep it locked to the Booth for more from this unsigned artist, because as we all know, the talented ones don’t stay unknown for long. - Sigurd of


"Boulevard Of Broken Dream's" - Executive Produced By RD and Antman (Mixed By Ray Nimeh)

"The New Old" - Produced By Phantem and Top Key

Sincerely Yours ft. NidaNasheeda - Keeper Remix (Prod. By Slot-A) Heater Of the Day on

Sincerely Yours - Life of a Don (Prod. By Rashid Hadee) Premiered on

Sincerely Yours - It's All Good (Prod. By Slot-A) Premiered on

Sincerely Yours - You Already Know ft. Neak and Rashid Hadee (Prod. By Rashid Hadee) Featured on



Scott Sangster [Sincerely Yours] was born March 19, 1983 in Oak Park, IL, a suburb bordering west of Chicago, IL. He was conceived of Linn
Williams and Scott Sangster Sr., who provided solid a foundation of love, along with moral support for Sincerely Yours. His musical history
includes a brief stint of studying the piano, along with vocal development within rhythm and blues. At the age of twelve, Sincerely Yours began
to development a passion for journalism in regards to the hip hop community. These journals eventually became lyrics, via a
combination of free-styling with childhood friends and recording tracks periodically. By age fourteen, Sincerely Yours had developed a style
unique in its own respect; with a sharp delivery, immaculate breath control, and substantial relevant content. At nineteen, Sincerely Yours was
revered as a musical prodigy amongst the Oak Park community. By the age of twenty-two his notoriety began travel among the vast
Chicagoland area.
Since then, Sincerely Yours has been featured on BET JAZZ as a BET HENNESSY BLACK finalist, Red-Eye track off winner, heater of the day and various other site's such as, Kevinnottingham, Gowherehiphop, Fakeshoredrive to name a few.
His influences consist of artists such as Outkast, The Roots, Jay-Z, N.E.R.D., Blackstar and
The Fugees to name a few. His approach to music is one of miniscule comparisons, in the respect
that he insists on focusing on quality of material, rather than conjuring a counterfeit façade
[gimmick] to attain instant gratification. Sincerely Yours believes that there is divine clutch on his
soul, and this obligates him to express the undeniable truths of both the physical and spiritual
realm in whatever the task that he may decide to examine.
Moving forward, with sharp sound and crafty arrangement of words on quarter counts, eight
counts, and or half counts, Sincerely Yours captures excitement and entertainment at its pinnacle. On
stage, his exceptional showmanship is a treat to the hip-hop traditionalist. Sincerely Yours has refined his skills to virtual perfection, and with over a hundred
songs in his catalog and counting; an anxious audience of listeners can only hope to salivate
from which what is to come from the artist takes countless hours refining his paintings.