I want to soothe the ears of the world with the sweet serenity of my voice and to help the world understand and maintain the knowledge that music is not just words. I feel that we need to teach not only the next generation but our own as well, what the true definition of music is.


I sing anything from Gospel to R&B to New Jack Swing. I've been singing since I was a child and Nothing has made me happier than to have a chance to express my thoughts and feelings through music. Now that I have the chance to do it world wide, I'm going to make sure that everyone hears what I have to say and hope that they will appreciate my words just much as I appreciate having the chance to share them. When I sing I sing from the bottom of my Soul, bring it through my Heart and beautify it with my Voice. Some artist today don't realize that they are role models that most adults and children look up to and idolize. The fame and fortune that comes with it is just a simple thank you, but the real fame and fortune comes from the hearts of the listeners, cause without them we wouldn't have the opportunity to express the true background and understanding that music has to offer.


Sincerely Yours and numerous R&B Mix CD

Set List

4 + Min.