a Band of Saints

a Band of Saints

 Pensacola, Florida, USA
BandHip HopFusion

Energetic lyrical based Hiphop accompanied by a 7 piece live band.
Influenced by the likes of Muddy Waters, Jeff Buckley, Bradley Nowell, Del, The Pixies, and Mos Def, every performance evolves into an eclectic and unpredictable experience.

Since 2013 we have proudly provided direct support to:
-Deltron 3030
-Scarface and Ghetto Boyz
-Bone Thugs N Harmony
-Flow Tribe
-Hood Internet
-Ill Doots
-Many Many More


What started as an experiment into the depths of funk has now evolved into a absurdly chaotic and interactive music experience. Drawing on influences from every corner of the rhythmic universe, a Band of Saints incorporates core elements of Hiphop, Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Folk, Rock, and Spoken Word so as to create their own brand of Organized Chaos (patent pending). Composed of musicians from some of the best bands in the Southeast, a Band of Saints is a continually evolving congregation of sound.

*Profits from a Band of Saints Bookings are split evenly with the Northwest Florida Wildlife Refuge and local non-kill animal shelters.


~Live at Vinyl Music Hall (October 2014)

~Organized Chaos EP (April 2015)

Set List


2-Dog Days

3-Can't Hide


5-Where is my...

6-Dead End

7-One More Shot of Whiskey

8-Love Song

9-Slow Down


11-The Devil Makes 3

12-Take What you Need

13-Fading Fast

14-The Void


16-Slow Rolling

*Devil's Pie