SINcerely red

SINcerely red


To describe myself, I'd have to say my life is a book and the title music. Music is my life, my passion, & my love. SINcerely, red


“I’ve got nothing but my guitar and some clothes.” Said Curtis Kokenos.

“My life is like a book and the title MUSIC.”

Curtis Kokenos also known as ‘SINcerely red’ is a solo acoustic artist from Dearborn, Michigan.

He was born with music in his veins and the perfect tempo to his heart. All of his family members are musicians including his mom and dad whom are touring Christian artists.

The past few months SINcerely red, has been taking the next few steps to becoming a more polished artist. Hitting the pavement hard. He has been spending countless hours in the studio, performing live, and promoting his up and coming album entitled “Nothing Left”, To be released early 2009.

With “Nothing Left” on the horizon, red is looking to reach more fans and friends. His message is uplifting, refreshing, and all around REAL GOOD MUSIC that all ages will love.

Having just announced working with No X-It enteRtainment he has been filling up his schedule with shows in and out of state. ‘X’ (CEO of No X-It enteRtainment) and red have been and will continue to work on his craft, along with learning how to become more business savvy.

With the potential SINcerely red has his future can only get bigger and brighter. A person can only go up from having “Nothing Left.”

"to let you know why I'm writing this or why I'm doing this, its not only for the simple fact of "its all I know" but I'm hoping in some way, some how, I can relate to you; and make an impact in someone’s life, by letting you know my side of the story. SINcerely, red.”


"Nothing Left" - Sampler/Teaser 4/2008

"Nothing Left" L.P. Release Date: Feb. 17th 2009

"P.S. I Got You Covered" E.P. - Release Date: July 2009

Set List

Original Set List for a 20 Min Set.
1) Last Breath
2) Lonely Song
3) My Disguise
4) Beautiful Goodbye

SINcerely red usually performs from 20mins to 3hrs. SINcerely red has original songs and can also perform covers.