Sincerely, Someone

Sincerely, Someone

 Penticton, British Columbia, CAN

East Coast meets West Coast in this Canadiana folk duo who enjoy swtiching instruments as often as they switch moods. The combination of lyrical poetry and simply embellished melody takes you on a journey that will make you feel like you are part of the music instead of just listening to it.


Liam Kidner and DeAnna Maggie used to write their music on separate ends of the country (or, in Liam's case, all over the world). But, when they came together in the Interior of British Columbia, they discovered that this music was eerily similar. A love for the simplicity of folk and the beauty of a clever lyric resulted in the birth of "Sincerely, Someone".

This duo of singer/songwriters combine intense lyrical poetry with simple, embellished melody to create songs you experience, rather than listen to. Sometimes bordering on hokey folk, and then bringing it down to a more peaceful melodic style, they are able to serve up at least 6 emotions per set list . Sit back, relax, and enjoy the subtle harmonies, the constantly changing instruments, the beautiful lyrics and the invitation to be part of a show, rather than just watch one.

(note: 6 is an average emotional probability, experience may differ slightly based on individuality)


"Meet Me on Mars" - 2011

Set List

Coffee Vs. Tea
Living on the Road
The Frog
Ists & Isms