Sincere Scott

Sincere Scott

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Sincere Scott is the consumate performer. Blending R&B and Hip-Hop he has the ability to entertain any size crowd or type of event.


Sharron Lee Scott a.k.a Sincere was born august 25 1985 in Pittsburg, PA. Since the young age of 13 he has been singing and sharpening his vocal skills. As a writer Sincere has developed a writing style comparable to some of today’s hottest writers and will be mentioned with the likes of Ne-yo and Brian Michael Cox. Sincere draws his musical inspiration from his parents, wife and child who supply the vocalist with the necessary love and values to pen timeless music. Citing musical influences such as R&B legends Luther Vandross, Freddie Jackson, Johnny Gill and more recently urban icons Music Soulchild and Tyrese, Sincere is on a quest to be mentioned musically with these great R&B singers. Having been noticed by Chris “Brooklyn” Whitfield from Goodfellaz Entertainment and Hawaii’s premier go to producer David “Mo Luv” Moore, the two music men quickly sought out the services of the young artist and the early work has been incredible. Already several songs into his debut yet still untitled album, the chemistry and quality of work has been something to behold. Ready to take the music industry by storm, Sincere is one of the brightest new comers on the R&B scene and is ready to become an international star.


Singles released and are available via Itunes, Amazon, Napster, ect.

G5 (Fly With Me) - First single currently ranked #25 on online radio breakout chart

The Show

Set List

The Show
Groupie Love
G5 (Fly With Me)
Life of the Party
I Like it