Sincere of Beats and Notes Crew

Sincere of Beats and Notes Crew

 Orlando, Florida, USA
BandHip Hop

Sincere is a dynamic performer who believe in bringing the truth of G-d's word to people this incredible art form. Listen or you'll miss it !


Keith S.M. Richardson, a.k.a
Sincere, grew up in Columbus,
Ohio. At the age of 15 years old,
his family moved to Orlando, Florida
where he now resides.
As a young child, he enjoyed listening
to Michael Jackson, Bobby
Brown, New Edition, and other
various artists. He had never paid
attention to hip-hop until he was
about 10 years old when he first
heard "Fight Mike Tyson" by Fresh
Prince and "I'm Bad" by LL Cool J.
From that point on, he could not
get enough of hip-hop; he began
to beat box and rap.
As he got older, he started to produce
and write his own music
while focusing on his faith and his
love for God. Sincere's unique
sound and uplifting music has
touched the hearts of thousands
of young adults.


2010-Sincere& Higher Theory Music present Freedom for Soul Mixtape
2009 Sincere - Heart’s Cry Album
2008 Soy Sauce 1 Mix Tape Soyful Soul
2008 Crescendo Flashback To Dreams
2007-2008 Sincere - My Thoughts Album
2006 The Regiment, The Nobodies
1999 Self Title Precipice Precipice

Set List

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