Since the Flood

Since the Flood


Boston Hardcore


Hailing from the flourishing Massachusetts hardcore/metal scene, Since the Flood has quickly become one of the most well known hardcore bands from the area. Since the Flood started in early 2002 as five friends conversing in a basement sharing their opinions on bands and genres. They decided to act on their love for hardcore and start what soon became Since the Flood. After several minor lineup changes, the band was solidified into its current state.
After independently releasing two demos, and playing dozens of shows in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, STF sparked the interest of Unearth front man, Trevor Phipps. He quickly signed them to his newly formed label Ironclad Recordings. Since then, STF have written and recorded their first full-length album “Valor and Vengeance,” which has been described as “the perfect release for the new surge of real hardcore.”
With overwhelming positive responses, Since The Flood have been playing along side such acts as Sworn Enemy, Unearth, Terror, Black Dahlia Murder, Remembering Never, 100 Demons, Stretch Armstrong, Integrity, Embrace Today, With Honor, Bury Your Dead, Full Blown Chaos, Shattered Realm and many other notable bands. With several tours booked for the near future, and very bright prospects for the coming months, STF plans to tour and promote “Valor and Vengeance” as much as possible.


Valor and Vengeance

Written By: Since the Flood

I am not alone. So here we go again, feels like we cannot win. Our backs against the wall, like so many times before. No matter what is said, no matter what we do. There's one thing that holds true; you for me, and I for you. Us against the world, that's the way it is, and in you I find the strength to overcome. I will not back down. I can't close my eyes. I refuse to take less than what I gave. You've given me strength. The strength to overcome what I cannot change. The power to destroy whatever's in my way. There's no more looking back, only straight ahead. Open my eyes and come alive with a brand new strength. You give me strength, strength to rise above. I can't believe how far we've come. Moving forward.


Valor and Vengeance
(Ironclad Recordings/Metal Blade, 2005)

Set List

1. "Valor & Vegeance"
2. "For Today"
3. "Buried Alive Cover- Watching you Die"
4. "Untitled track"
5. "In My way"
6. "Enough Said"
7. "24k"

-Usually 25 minutes long. We cover Buried Alive.