Sin City Revival

Sin City Revival


Imagine The Black Crowes mixed with Velvet Revolver, and a little Rolling Stones and Allman Brothers thrown in for flavor. That’s what you get with Sin City Revival, high energy rock’n’roll with a new southern flair. Check out the video and get a feel for the show.


Founded 2003 in Richmond, VA, a city steeped in tradition, Sin City Revival crafts a sound that not only takes you back, but pulls you forward. Rooted in blues and enriched with tinges of a dozen other genres, soulful grooves, intertwining guitars and heartfelt vocals, come together to produce what SCR has affectionately coined “Soul Rock”.

Since their inception, SCR has been playing high energy “soul rock” up, down, and around the east coast. Earning a “must see” reputation, SCR has an unbridled passion for performing that is infectious from the downbeat to the curtain call. They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel; they’re just putting a new stamp on an old envelope. Let Sin City Revival remind you why you fell in love with rock n roll.


Sin City Revival - Self Titled
1. Painted Man
2. Loaded
3. Paper Dolls and Highballs
4. Fester (a morning in Church Hill)
5. Hungry
6. Red
7. Good Reason
8. 7 ain't 9
9. Set Me Free
10.Carolina Pines
11.When I'm Gone

Set List

Sin City Revival set lists are typically 95% original material. We throw in a few choice covers in the show for fun. However we do know quite a few if we are called on to do so.
Original Material

Can't Stop The Train
Thirsty Girls
Paper Dolls and Highballs
Painted Man
See You Again
7 ain't 9
Set Me Free
Carolina Pines
When I'm Gone
Sinking Sand
Last Call
Good Reason
Coming Down
Mona Lisa
Torn Down