Sinewinder is the second release from the Electronic Artists Relief Syndicate - a charitable organisation composed of a global community of electronic musicians. This stunning release showcases a broad range of styles presented by a truly international selection of musicians. Enjoy!


Electronic Artists Relief Syndicate (EARS) is an international organisation set up in the wake of the Asian Tsunami to help raise funds for the survivors by releasing a compilation CD of electronic music by independent artists. That CD was "Whirlstream" - a compilation which was both sublime and successful in raising money for the cause. Since then, of course, there have been several appalling natural disasters around the world which have left many tens of thousands of people homeless. Global tragedies require global aid efforts - and it is in this spirit that EARS International is releasing a follow-up to Whirlstream... Sinewinder.
Like Whirlstream, Sinewinder is a stunning collection of some of the finest electronica from across the world - an array of up and coming talents encompassing pretty much the entire spectrum of electronic music, from experimental to pop, and all things in between. Once more, it's an international effort, with contributions from artists based in Croatia, India, Italy, Japan, Romania, Sweden, UK and USA.... And once more, all proceeds are going to help those without shelter throughout the world... EARS International was born of the realisation that when it comes to aiding those in need, every contribution counts. Neither of these superb albums would have been possible without the time and effort donated by both artists and organisers. Now it's your chance to play your part - order your copy of Sinewinder today!
All proceeds from the sale of this album go to Habitat for Humanity, a charity set up to help those without shelter throughout the world.


Whirlstream (2005)
Sinewinder (2006)

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