Great Rock with soul, a combination of folk, alternative and pop that gives Sing their unique sound and musical approach. The guys love to mix it up and are not afraid to explore and search for new inspiration and influences.


The whole concept of Sing is kicking it old school. The guys even started to record their latest material live in studio, trying to recapture the magic and the energy of the days where great albums were recorded in a single session.

Although the band is fairly new, its members have been on the Montreal music scene for more than 8 years. From studio sessions for labels and artists, to tours and covers bands. These accomplished musicians have done it all. The only thing that’s been missing, is a project where their unique talent, imagination and love for writing music could come together.

3 years ago Frank, Jason, Pat and Joe received a call from Fred. Intrigued by Fred’s proposition, they all met for a few jam sessions. “Most of the guys didn’t even know each other. There we were, in this little rehearsal room, amps plugged in, ready to go, having no idea what was gonna come of it” - Fred.

After producing and recording 8 songs at Frank’s Studio, the band decided it was time to test their new material and get feedback off a live audience. They organised a couple of little concerts in Montreal and Los Angeles back in November and December 2005. Getting a great reaction in both cities fueled the guys to go back in studio and write the remaining songs for their first album. The band is now looking for management and will soon start shopping around for a record deal.

Here's how it all started.

Fuck, I’m so fucked!!!! I remember these words ringing in my head, constantly pounding my skull. Just a year back I was on top off things, and thought I had it set. I was working with a well respected manager in Montreal’s music industry. We were on our way to sign a deal with a very well established label. When everything went sour…

JJ (my manager at the time) and I were out at a fancy album launch party. I was hanging at the bar waiting for the show to start while JJ was doing business as usual. To tell you the truth, I was bored as hell, slowly sipping my beer, (cause man at the price they're selling it, you better take your time savouring it) I overheard a conversation between two suits. Usually I mind my own business, but in this case, since I was bored ( and in order to find something distracting to do while endlessly waiting for the band to start) , ease dropping seemed like a good option.

Boring conversations are always alike with the suits; some company was in deep financial shit, looking for a way to salvage their lost, ablablee ablableu… I was about to discontinue my ease-dropping , cause let’s face it, the barmaid’s rack in front of me was a lot more interesting to look at then listening to financial gossip! Just as I was turning away from the conversation, one of the suits said “NOAM”. Shit that’s the name of my band!!! (well, my band at the time). Its funny how things that are so boring, become so interesting when it has something to do with you.

Well folks, that’s when everything came crashing down. It appears the company that wanted to sign us was on the verge on bankruptcy and was looking for a way to make quick profit and invest very little. I decided to bail out before signing anything. Wise decision since the company went bankrupt and later was repurchased by other interests that took the company in another musical direction. The band broke up and every one went their separate ways. There I was, fucked, so fucked, no band, no contract, trying to figure out what went wrong.

A year past without me even touching my guitar. Then one morning, (not to sound cheesy but it was morning) It was time to go on a wild goose chase one more time. This time I would do it right! My idea was to create a musical “hybridation”, a merge of styles, a clash of influences, a conflict of ideas from wich would arise a perfect blend of rock, alternative, folk and pop. Plus, I wanted more than just write music, I wanted to stand up and inject common sense into a society where leaders have lack thereof. I carefully hand picked every member of the band for their distinct abilities and musical background. SING's essence lies in the uniqueness of every one of its members and their desire to make a stand for want we believe.


David Lynch

Written By: Fred Auclair

David Lynch

Lights out party
And a ghost girl streaking
Just a bunch of small Jose’s
And the joke pool started
And you make your bargain
And My friend you just got laid

These psycho freaks have a gold path lay
And you’ve just now followed their way
These simple minds share a sinned full time
And You gave your soul away

I can see what it’s all about
I can save the day
I can see what it’s all about
I can save the day.

Air getting thicker,
And brains getting slower,
You’re now the spider pray.
You got a low street pusher.
And a high priced hooker
And the devil’s making its way

These psycho freaks have a gold path lay
And you’ve just now followed their way
These simple mind share a sinned full time
And just gave your soul away

I can what it’s all about
I can save the day
I can see what it’s all about
I can save the day.

You don’t know I far they’ll go

I can see trough this world now today
I can get away.

One Day

Written By: Fred Auclair

One day
I lost my sense of all directions
Running through the maze
Through all the things I thought were real

All of my world has crumbled before me
I can’t see clearly
Through all the lies they said to me

I’m breaking free

Someday I’ll be so far away
One day, I won’t be around here

I look around at all these empty streets
There’s nothing here for me.
They’re filled with the fakeness of this world

Everywhere around lost minds, lost souls
Wandering the cities
Ghost in this graveyard of a world

I’m breaking free

Someday I’ll be so far away
One day, I won’t be around here

To gain your life would you cross the line
Nobody said you could chain me


2005 ep's: Silence kills - Drive - One Day - Watching Over - These Days - High - Apart - Time.

2006 ep: David Lynch- Hold On - If I could tell you - I remember you - Cheap girl - Drive (new version)

None of these ep's have been released yet. Their uses are solely for promotional purposes.

Set List

Set list. Our sets tend to vary depending of the time given to perform. We usually play from 30 to a 45 minute show.

These days - High - Drive - If could Tell you - Cheap girl - Hold on - One day - David Lynch.