Singapore for America

Singapore for America


Singapore for America is about smooth melodic funk rock for everyone. We have a passion to share music that has a real life message with universal appeal.


Heralding from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, Singapore For America was unified in Illinois on the campus of Greenville College in the Spring of 2004. The music is characterized by a motley mix of vintage electric guitar flourishes, rich acoustic guitar overtones, and passionate, smooth vocals. Our vision is to share faith-driven rock music addressing the spiraled fall of humanity and the hope of welcoming the sorrows and joys of reality. Peace and Love.



Written By: Jason Leong

Did you say you were in need
Of some special attention?
Is it that your motives aren’t so clear?
Take my hands, we’ll move this time
Beyond recollection
I’ll love you here still, far or near

Breathe out, breathe in
I see your fear

And we’ll see today and fly away

Looking back into the place of new sensations
Conforming who we are to be
Fancy a fantasy of circumstances
Carry my wandering heart to thee

Snow is falling down
Rain is slipping down
Clouds don’t go away
Watch your step son
Keep your charm gal
Don’t you go astray

Transforming Pathways

Written By: Jason Leong

Patience holds on when expectations fail
And we learn to listen and accept each other
Kindness is a hard sell when sarcastic remarks Prevail…okay you win
Now do you feel much better?

True love is a practical sign
Each word and action is transforming pathways
Let’s shine the Spirit’s Fruition
As best as we can rejoicing

Remember last year
When you left out the old friend there
Beware, what you’re doing
Will come back to haunt you
And I share in our pride
And I don’t wanna change my ways
But of course we’re human
And we need forgiveness


"Pathways EP" - 2005

Set List

Half hour to One hour set of original material.