Budapest, Budapest, HUN

Singas consists of 3 musicians and a talented vocalist with much respect for the diverse styles stemming from jazz. Nu jazz or old-school, Singas perform remarkable live acts which is why they have already featured on most European festivals. They even have a track on the Café del Mar compilations...


Singas is the most characteristic and constantly developing formation of the recent years, who represent the vividness of Hungarian nujazz/downtempo.

Their music flavored by smooth electronica, trip-hop and strongly vocal presence, became sacknowledged when the Singas's first record "Yo Life" came out in 2007.

The band's second LP "This Is Theatre Honey" was released in March 2009, and this album shows a new kind of approaching: more acoustic instruments, more intimate sound and the vocalist's, Dalma Berger's more expressive performance.

The great concert experience, attention to the instruments, the "soul" of the music and the needs of the audience are the biggest strength of the formation. Dalma Berger's voice and style reflects classic and iconic blues and jazz performers (Bessie Smith, Nina Simone, etc.) and modern attitudes as well.

It's sure that she and her partners will show what is deep emotion, bitter-sweet feeling and professional instrument handling in one production - under the aegis of contemporary jazz and - in good sense - popular music.

Chameleon Records (Budapest)

band -
booking: - Peter Pusker


2007 - Yo Life (Chameleon Records) - LP
2009 - This Is Theatre Honey (Chameleon Records) - LP
2010 - Too many girlfriends, too many boyfriends - EP - release in december 2010