Singer/Songwriter Amy Burritt

Singer/Songwriter Amy Burritt


Compared to both Norah Jones and Joan Baez, Amy combines elements of jazz, blues, folk and pop in her acoustic-guitar-based songs. Amy's versatile music is the kind you can enjoy as a backdrop in a coffee shop setting or play full force in the car on a road trip.


Born in January of 1983, Amy Suzanne Burritt was raised in northern Michigan in a close-knit, musical family. Amy was given her first guitar, a classical, and instructions on how to play three chords (G, D and C, for those who care) at age 13. She wrote her first song that afternoon.

In her teen years, Amy played with other musicians, picking up tips and tricks, and expanding her knowledge of the guitar, as well as experimenting with her vocal ability. Diverting from music for a time, Amy became an author and motivational speaker for teen audiences.

Returning to music at age 17, she recorded a demo CD and began playing in small venues, sometimes picking up paid gigs. She led her church youth group worship band for several years as a teenager, and was involved in another ministry-related band before going to college.

She attended Michigan State University, playing the university's "Noontimes" gig a couple of times and participating in a campus talent show, and graduated in 2005 with a B.A. in Communications.

The day after graduation, Amy moved to Asheville, NC.

Recently, Amy has begun performing her new material in local venues, and released a new CD in September of 2008.


Amy Burritt - (self titled full-length acoustic album)

Set List

Four Days from Homeless
The Day You Left
Lonely Ocean Eyes
Woke Up in a Dream
Road Trip
To Wine
Driving to You
Apartment Twelve
Camping Ground
Jazz Interlude
Open Skies and Time with You
By the Runway
Back in the Grave

1-2 hours