Singing Biscuit

Singing Biscuit


We take history, science, wordplay, and humor and blend it all into a tasty treat complete with sweet harmony vocals, solid rhythms and soulful picking!


We have been under each other's influence for about
five years, with over 200 years combined performing
experience among us. In May 2006 we released our second full length CD: THE COSMIC REEL

Influences: Laura Love, Louvin brothers, McGarrigle sisters, Will McLean, Iris DeMent, Nick Drake, Flying Burrito Brothers

We are on a mission to bring old and new, soul and
hardtack, humor and phathos together in a divine
harmony. We have been accused of writing "old" songs, which we take as the highest of compliments.


Sunflowers at 5

Written By: Carrie Hamby

Sunflowers at 5
A certain time of day and year
The perfect time to be alive
The perfect time to be alive
Right now, right here
I was out of my mind
Distracted by things to be
Little details I’d left behind
The moment lost on me
Suddenly you appear
On the corner of nowhere, saying
We are both here, we can be everywhere
Red light turns to green,
The traffic moves on ahead
Round the corner and up the street
Rays of gold fill my head
Sunflowers at 5
A certain time of year and day
Colors fading yet so alive
Here is where you’ll stay


"Stand Up Eight" - CD, independent release
"The Cosmic Reel" - CD, independent release

For samples of most tracks on this CD, visit

Tracks from "Stand Up Eight" on the internet site

"Singing in the Meadow," (full)
"One Man in Hell" (sample)
"Last Request" (sample)

Set List

We usually do 2 - 3 sets that range from 45 minutes to 1 hour, combining roots country, rare covers from different genres, and of course lots of originals.

City of the Future
Map Song
One Man in Hell
What would Jesus Drive?
Last Request
In the Fall
Water Table Blues / Sweet Sunny South
Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
Closer Still
Jailhouse Rag
At the End of the Road
Sunflowers at 5
Time Travel in Lafayette
So Close to the Road
Levee Waltz
Down at the Edge