We are an alternative/hard rock band that takes the aggressive and melodic side of classic and 90's rock, while adding a groove and ambient twist. The dueling guitar attack is thick and tight, with harmonizing solos, the bass is rythmic and melodic, and the drums always pound the groove along.


Forming back in Fall of '04, SingleSpade got together to make Rock Music with the balls, attitude and passion that it once had in the past. All four members came from bands that were missing a link in the chain and found it in eachother. Songs came together quick, and so did shows. Playing all over Long Island and NYC at venues like CBGB's, the Knitting Factory, the Continental, the Crazy Donkey, the Ace of Clubs, the Mean Fiddler, McCoy's, Mr. Beery's and many more. Now, after just finishing their first full length album, the band feels that the 10 tracks on "Into the Fire..." can help broaden their fanbase and get them to the next level. Appropriately titled "Into the Fire...", SingleSpade has compiled all their favorite songs from over the years and is going all in... jumping into the fire.


" '05 Demo"
" '07 Demo"
"Into the Fire..." released May 2008

Set List

We currently do about a 45 minute to an hour set, although we are capable of playing longer.

A typical set is usually:
Speak The Truth
Here In My Eyes
Juices So Sweet
All I Ever Do
Pull The Trigger
Mind's Eye
Thrown Away

Some new songs that will be thrown into the mix very soon:
A Gift
Lined with Butterflies
Rise and Fall
Sour Diesel Spring

And some covers that we would play:
Them Bones (Alice in Chains)
Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)
Bullet with Butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkins)
Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots)
Ticket To Ride (The Beatles)
Aneurysm (Nirvana)
And we're always working on new covers to throw in.